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ActiveRain needs YOUR help.  If you are following my blog roll you've surely seen ActiveRain's dedication to fixing and updating our back end.  We are making good progress with Pivotal Labs on our software upgrade. We need 20-40 volunteers to TEST ActiveRain on the new Ruby on Rails software fram...
Take a moment and fill out the ActiveRain 2012 Hot or Not Survey!  The goal is to get as many LOCAL real estate professionals to predict what will happen in your market.  If we can generate enough data in your local market, we can then get really strong interest and media coverage for the results...
ActiveRain has put together a really phenomenal study of what top producing real estate agents do to maintain an edge in the market.  Check it out.  Not surprisingly, top real estate agents spend 10x more on marketing, 6x more on technology and "broadcast" via social media. What does broadcast so...
Watch out for the next Groupon or Living Social Deal.  Merchants are raising their prices without you knowing it. Don't get me wrong: I love Daily Deals from Groupon's and Living Social.  I would say we probably spend $100 a month on daily deals for various things that we never thought we needed....
There's nothing like coming home after a long day at work at ActiveRain.  I am really excited about and engaged in all the challenges and projects we are working on at ActiveRain.  I have not laughed harder at any job EVER.  The whole team is really coming together.  We are having a great time.  ...
Interesting post from Seattle's Geekwire on the Seattle Interactive Conference talking about a heated exchange between Zillow and Redfin.   It's like everyone is trying to be the real estate agent's best friend, even Redfin and Zillow, when everyone started out trying to take the agent out of the...
Everyone, It has been six months since I became CEO of ActiveRain, and as many of you know, it has been an eventful six months.   I started as CEO of ActiveRain on April 11, 2011 with a commitment to invest in the underlying technology of ActiveRain, continue to foster a vibrant ActiveRain commun...
Happy Halloween Everyone! I took a Halloween walk through the neighborhood with my wife and kids (aged 5 and 3 now).  This is the longest I have lived in one house - seven years.  The CEO and CFO of a previous company convinced my wife and me to finally buy a house in 2004.  We put offers on 7 ot...
Replace Your Thermostat with Nest Learning Thermostat Nest Labs just announced their new learning thermostat yesterday which seems really really intriguing.  The story may be more interesting than the actual product, but let's see.  My former company was a cleantech company called Bio Architectur...
Happy Monday Rainers, I wanted to post a quick technology update.  It's been a bit more than six months since I came on as CEO.  As I told the group in April and May, my first priority for ActiveRain has been and continues to be improving the underlying technology platform of ActiveRain. We conti...

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