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I am here in Las Vegas celebrating a friend decision to move from San Francisco to Singapore later in the summer.  I posted on Tuesday that I would be coming into town and six Rainers rallied to meet me for lunch at the Palazzo on short notice. Just finished up a fantastic lunch at Dos Caminos.  ...
Rainers, If you love ActiveRain, take a minute and vote for ActiveRain for the Inman News 2011 People's Choice Innovator Award.   Voting ends on July 22, but don't wait until the last minute. NikiInman News is holding their annual voting poll for the 2011 People's Choice Innovator Award.  "The Pe...
As many of you know, I am a reality TV junkie  (I am the moderator of the Real Housewives Group on ActiveRain if anyone is interested.)  I love Kitchen Nightmares on FOX with Gordon Ramsey. A friend of mine posted the below on FaceBook.  Seems like ActiveRain would be a great place to launch a Re...
Everyone, I will be in Las Vegas this Friday July 15th and I would LOVE to meet any Rainers in Las Vegas for lunch.  I would love an opportunity to meet and talk about ActiveRain and real estate - what works, what doesn't work, what can ActiveRain do better, and what can I do better to serve the ...
Hi Everyone, Big news here at ActiveRain.  Last week, we welcomed 6 new people to ActiveRain (more to follow), one of whom is Kate Yackley who is our VP of Sales.  Kate comes from an incredible background leading sales at Dreambox Learning, Onvia and Dun & Bradstreet.  Kate is a real sparkplug an...
Everyone, The issues with the images on ActiveRain should be resolved now. For those of you who want a more detailed explanation, here is a recap: On Saturday, one of the seven ActiveRain servers named app4 started acting funny. When we were notified, app4 was restarted at approximately 7pm PST. ...
A friend of mine just forwarded me this article.  Google has taken down the Google Wonder Wheel with no plans or definitive timing to bring it back. For those of you who enjoyed using the Google Wonder Wheel, the next bes...
Great example of How to Receive Professional Referrals from ActiveRain by Nevin Williams of San Diego, CA and Carla Muss Jacobs of Portland, OR. Members of ActiveRain that blog and comment consistently and give back to the community WILL receive professional referrals from the community.  Give an...
I am trying to go paperless in my own life.  My work desk is getting cleaner, but home office is still a disaster - ask my wife. I love scanning my receipts for tax purposes and so my wife can keep track of me (she sees the credit card bills anyways). I have started scanning everything that I can...
Happy Fourth of July Everyone! Quiet week at ActiveRain this week.  Due to the upcoming long weekend, we have not made any major changes or pushes.  We have a couple of internal system changes queued up for next week.  We have experienced some slowness in the past on ActiveRain.  This has require...

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