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I blogged several times about two dear friends of mine from business school - Dave Linn and his wife Jen Goodman Linn who blogged at   Jen was 33 when she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called a sarcoma.  You can read my first blog post about Jen Goodman Linn here.  Jen ...
What does it mean to be an Ambassador of ActiveRain? I am sure that nearly everyone member of ActiveRain has seen the orange badge and the orange star reserved for the Ambassadors of ActiveRain.  So that begs the question: what does it mean to become an Ambassador of ActiveRain and how do I becom...
 Everyone, I wanted to keep the community updated on the upgrade of ActiveRain to the software platform Rails 2.3.14.  We have discussed previously, ActiveRain has been working on the software upgrade from Rails 2.2.2 to 2.3.14 using an outside consulting company called Pivotal.  ActiveRain is ba...
I wanted to circle back with the community and address the many questions that I have heard floating around about and hopefully clear up some of the miscommunication or misunderstanding.  Based on my last blog post on the Local Expert, here are the main questions or ...
Happy Holidays ActiveRain!  As ActiveRain is getting ready for the holidays and New Year, I thought it would be useful for me personally to jot down some notes on what we have accomplished at ActiveRain and talk openly about some of our challenges.  Hopefully, we will be able to address many of t...
As many of you know, we have been working feverishly to update the software platform underlying ActiveRain (called Ruby on Rails) to a newer version (called Rails 2.3.14).  ActiveRain had not been updated for 5 years previously. Today, we made the shift to Rails 2.3.14.   So now it should be much...
Great post from Cheryl Ritchie talking about the benefits of starting your week and morning with ActiveRain.  You can learn something new every day in the Rain! In the hour on Active Rain EARLY this Morn, what did this Real Estate Agent LEARN? I can see my times on my home page so lately I have b...
Very interesting seller strategy to actually promote interest in a house by approaching a buyer and the buyer's agent to purchase the house for a discount from the list price. Pretty cool idea becuase you can actually create demand for the house and get value for some of the amenities which may n...
Great article on NPR regarding the different stereotypes of commenters on articles and blogs.  Do we have the same kind of commenters as NPR on ActiveRain?  I think I have seen members who are "the person who is always right" and "the unwitting outlier" on ActiveRain. So what kind of commenters a...
On ActiveRain, you have the ability to purchase exclusive local branding and community sponsorship of a neighborhood.  Simply go to the "States" link in the top blue bar, click a state, click on city, and then click on a neighborhood.  From here you can buy the exclusive local sponsorship of this...

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