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A few days ago, I posted a blog dicussing some of the questions to consider before bidding or requesting a commercial real estate inspection. The first question was: Why is the inspection needed? The bottom line is that a commercial building inspection gives the client an overall understanding of...
Sink food disposals are great aren't they? Put extra food down it and, poof, gone forever, right. Well, out of sight, maybe isn't always out of mind. For those with septic tanks, a disposal may mean more solids and more frequent pumping. Wastewater treatment plant operators aren't fond of having ...
Lenders, brokers, agents, investors, tenants and property management firms may all be involved in the sale of commercial real estate. For each, finding the right property inspector can be essential to making the right purchasing decision. It's not always easy to do. Because most commercial inspec...
With pots on the stove, most people wouldn't think of straying too far from the kitchen. Danger signs are everywhere. Pets and kids can knock pots off the stove. Fires can start if grease gets too hot. But the stove is not the only appliance using high heat in the home. Clothes dryers use heat to...
Saving money by reducing home energy costs just makes good sense. I follow home energy saving tips sent by my local utility. I change my furnace filters regularly. I recently installed a high-efficiency air conditioning unit. I decreased the temperature of my hot water heater, and I installed pro...

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