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OK, so there is still snow on the ground where I live. In fact, they are predicting more to come. But everyone I know is starting to talk about spring projects. They are anxious to stop building snowforts and start building new decks. Even though winter storms are still possible, March is a good ...
What information do you need from a commercial building inspection? That's an important question to answer when devleoping the scope for your commercial inspection. Are you purchasing an apartment complex where lots of roof leaks have been recently reported? Are you purchasing a business and the ...
Twenty years ago, President and Founder of National Property Inspections, Roland Bates, interviewed his first three franchisees. At the time, he was the owner, operator, educational staff and sales department for the fledgling company, it's only employee. All three of the men he interviewed signe...
Homeowners and business owners making energy efficient repairs from January 1, 2006-December 31, 2007, may be eligible for federal tax credits under 2005 energy legislation.The legislation allows homeowners a tax credit of up to $500 for 10 percent of qualified energy efficiency improvements. Thi...
Having enough insulation is not an "old home problem." Plenty of newer homes are lacking insulation in certain areas. One spot to consider when adding insulation is the attic. Attics are easily-accessible and many times the floor is uninsulated. The trick is determining how much is needed. Insula...
I remember the fun of breaking off icicles along the roofline of my childhood home and eating them like a popsicle. I thought the were beautiful the way the little bubbles of ice froze inside and glistened in the winter air. Now I know, those icicles can be one sign of a bigger problem: an ice da...

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