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Water leaks in the home are a problem in many ways. Every drop our of the faucet costs us money. It is also a waste of a resource. And it can make a huge mess. But how big of a mess can water make? If left undiagnosed, a simple water leak can lead to mold growth, rotting wood and eventually struc...
My first day at junior high, I noticed some of the windows had what looked like chain link fence running through them. Others did not. I found out why one morning when one student pushed another through one of the non-reinforced windows during a fight. Later, that window was replaced with one wit...
Where I am from, thermostats seem to be a normal part of the landscape of the home. Usually located in the hallway or other interior space, they are pretty much ignored unless you live in a house full of college students all used to living under different temperatures. In that case, the thermosta...
Recent storms here have meant flooding in low-lying areas. Damage in other states has been much worse. I am lucky that my own home is situated higher than the floor waters can reach, but the storms have made me think about being prepared in case Mother Nature decides to shake up my doorstep. Of c...

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