commercial building inspection: Ask the Inspector: Bathroom - 02/03/09 02:11 AM
The bathroom is one of the most used and abused rooms in a typical home. Bathrooms have plumbing, electrical and mechanical devices, along with cabinets and floors that need to be inspected.
Inspecting the bathroom is a critical part of any general home inspection. The inspector will check the toilet, and the sink and the tub/shower. Although the condition and proper operation of these fixtures are key parts of a functioning bathroom, there are other important things to take note of.
Streaks down the paint where the water has run after condensing on the walls, peeling wallpaper or wet drywall may be signs … (0 comments)

commercial building inspection: Home Alert: Common HVAC Issues - 07/24/07 03:43 AM
When I purchased 100-year-old home two years back, my home inspector did a great job letting me know some of the challenges you can face when purchasing an older home without scaring me. It's a delicate balance to be realistic without being pessimistic. He did a great job. One of the items he pointed out was the HVAC system. Both units in my zoned forced-air system were at least 25 years old if not older. They were working, but for how long no one could tell. Well, by mid-summer, the attic unit failed and had to be replaced. The other unit is still going strong, but … (2 comments)

commercial building inspection: Scoping a Commercial Building Inspection Part 3 - 02/21/07 01:05 AM
What information do you need from a commercial building inspection? That's an important question to answer when devleoping the scope for your commercial inspection. Are you purchasing an apartment complex where lots of roof leaks have been recently reported? Are you purchasing a business and the lease for a building and want to check the overall condition of the property? Are you looking at purchasing a building with several retail tenants as a long-term investment and was an estimate of maintenance costs and a timeline for repairs?These are important questions to consider when talking with a commercial property inspector. The inspector … (0 comments)

commercial building inspection: National Property Inspections Celebrates 20th Anniversary - 02/16/07 01:17 AM
Twenty years ago, President and Founder of National Property Inspections, Roland Bates, interviewed his first three franchisees. At the time, he was the owner, operator, educational staff and sales department for the fledgling company, it's only employee. All three of the men he interviewed signed contracts. All three stayed with NPI at least 10 years and one remains an inspector with the company today. "For me personally, the most exciting moment for NPI was when I received that first royalty check for $14," Bates said. "It proved the system would work." His system was and is based on the tenets of honesty, integrity and … (0 comments)

commercial building inspection: Know Your Commercial Building Inspection Standards - 01/23/07 02:12 AM
Commercial building inspections can give clients the same peace of mind that a residential inspection does. Reports can provide information on the estimated cost of repairs, the current condition of hundreds of components in the buildings and added confidence going into purchase negotiations. Still, most commercial properties are not inspected as part of the sales agreement. On the residential side, nearly 80 percent of homes under contract include an inspection as a contingency to purchase. As a result, standards of practice and codes of ethics for home inspection are clearly defined by national home inspection organizations, whereas commercial building inspection has … (0 comments)

commercial building inspection: Scoping A Commercial Building Inspection - 12/19/06 03:17 AM
Lenders, brokers, agents, investors, tenants and property management firms may all be involved in the sale of commercial real estate. For each, finding the right property inspector can be essential to making the right purchasing decision. It's not always easy to do. Because most commercial inspection reports are narrative in form, it is easy to customize the report to fit the needs of the client. These needs can be varied. In the last few years, National Property Inspection professionals have assessed the condition of buildings for clients purchasing the business operating in the building, but not the building itself. We have performed limited … (0 comments)

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