commercial building inspections: Ask the Inspector: Plumbing - 01/04/11 03:07 AM
The plumbing in your home is an essential and often overlooked system that provides clean water and proper collection and transportation of waste water. Today, water-supply systems utilize a network of high-pressure pumps and pipes made of copper, brass, plastic, steel or other nontoxic materials.
Due to the complexity of these systems, it is a good idea to have them inspected for potential problems before you buy a home. A qualified professional can provide a visual inspection of any bathtubs, showers, pipes, toilets, sinks, etc. The inspector will determine the type of pipe and look over the visible piping for evidence … (1 comments)

commercial building inspections: Furnace Maintenance - 10/25/10 08:12 AM
It's that time of the year again...time to turn on your heat or get your heat ready for use when cooler weather strikes!
Your heating equipment should be routinely checked by a qualified professional on an annual basis. However; there are also key maintenance checks you should perform on your heating equipment.
Maintain records to keep track of maintenance checks and requirements. Change the filter as required, once every other month or more frequently, depending on the variables in your home. Look for water leaks or changes in the system. Check the drain lines to make sure they are clear and … (0 comments)

commercial building inspections: Foundation Maintenance - 08/09/10 01:51 AM
In addition to having your foundation inspected by a qualified professional, there are also important foundation must-knows and must-dos that home owners should be familiar with.
Understand the type of foundation that supports your home Protect your foundation from water damage by never allowing water to pool around it Protect your foundation (and the rest of your home) from insects Understand the basic structure of your home Never modify or remove structural framing without an expert's advice Excessive cracking or movement may indicate potential problems that need to be further investigated Keep gutters clean to prevent plugging and overflowing of downspouts … (1 comments)

commercial building inspections: Ask the Inspector: Foundations - 07/20/10 02:44 AM
How can you be assured that your foundation is in tact?
There are many types of foundations but all of them serve the same purpose as the supporting structure for a home. During an exterior inspection, a qualified professional will assess the condition of your home's foundation.
Solid foundations include rock, block, concrete, brick or wood. Other houses are held up by a system of piers or columns placed strategically around and within the house perimeter. On some buildings the foundation is so low to the ground that the floor joists are sitting in the dirt.
Once your home's foundation type is noted, … (0 comments)

commercial building inspections: Inspect Your Deck - 06/28/10 02:33 AM
How do you check if your deck is built according to correct safety standards?
Building a deck is a popular project often done by do-it-yourselfers. Unfortunately, not all decks are built soundly. A deck inspection includes checking the support posts, railings and decking boards to ensure it is in proper condition and safe.
Here are some key points to look for during a deck inspection:
Deck built immediately below electrical wires or over an air-conditioning/heat pump unit Warped or fractured wood support posts Deteriorated masonry posts Missing support posts Support posts that are sinking into the ground Deck securely attached to house or independently … (3 comments)

commercial building inspections: What to do when your Air Conditioning is taking a break - 06/08/10 04:04 AM
If your home's inside temperature is feeling more like the warm outside temperature, it could be a problem with the air conditioning system. What should you do when there is no air conditioning working in your home?
Check the thermostat. Is it set to "cooling" or "AC?" Is it set lower than the room temperature indicated on the dial or screen? If it's a digital thermostat, is the battery dead? Check the on/off switch on the side of the furnace or near the furnace. The furnace distributes air for the air conditioner and must be on. Is the disconnect switch outside … (1 comments)

commercial building inspections: Don't Sweat It This Summer - 05/18/10 01:54 AM
Long, hot days are just around the corner. And the last thing you want to do is step inside a warm house because of its cooling system problems. How do you know if your cooling system is in good condition for the summer months?
The mechanical systems of a home or commercial property can be extensive. Heating and cooling equipment can include indoor and outdoor equipment, fans and a duct system running to each room of the home or business. A qualified inspector will examine visible components of the heating and cooling system as part of a general inspection.
The inspector will review the age and condition … (1 comments)

commercial building inspections: Inspecting Windows & Doors - 04/20/10 01:00 AM
Windows and doors in a commercial or residential property are important for aesthetics, safety and energy efficiency. Understanding the type, function and condition of the windows and doors can help determine future maintenance projects. How do you determine the condition of your windows and doors for maintenance purposes?
A qualified professional will assess the condition and safety of doors and windows on the exterior and interior of the home. The first thing the inspector will note on the exterior is the type of front door. The inspector will observe the door's condition to see if it is warped, split or scratched, and if the glass … (0 comments)

commercial building inspections: Inspecting the Attic - 01/23/09 01:11 AM
Inadequate insulation means that 10 to 50 percent of energy is lost through walls, ceilings and floors. Proper insulation helps lower energy bills by resisting heat movement through the barrier. Where the interior of walls and ceilings is easily accessible, adding insulation can be a relatively inexpensive way to get a big return on energy savings.
The first place to look for missing insulation is in the attic. Attics, in general, are fairly accessible, but in many homes, even newer homes, insulation is inadequate. As part of a general home inspection, the inspector will examine the type of insulation present and … (0 comments)

commercial building inspections: Roofing Maintenance - 06/18/08 02:28 AM
If you think about it, a roof system is one of the most exposed areas of a building's exterior. Wind, rain, snow, hail, sleet and ultraviolet radiation all affect the roof. Maintaining your roof is crucial, and if not done, your roof will have sub-standard performance.
Performance is based on several factors including quality of materials, design, proper installation and a strong maintenance program. Roof maintenance is crucial and required in order to prevent problems. Early identification of problems could save you from more serious issues in the long run. James Kirby, associate director of the National Roofing Contractors Association, suggests … (0 comments)

commercial building inspections: Making Cents out of Replacing a Roof - 01/21/08 03:39 AM
Precipitation of any form, rain or snow, can cause additional problems if leaks in the roof allow the water to leak into the home. Water damage can cause mold, mildew and rot that if left untreated can damage wall coverings or even structural components of the home. No one wants to think about roof replacement. It can be costly, and, well, lets be honest, not very exciting.
One of the things to evaluate when adding roof replacement to your home maintenance schedule is whether you want to add the new shingles on top of the old ones, or start from scratch with a new roof, including new flashing. 
Adding a new … (0 comments)

commercial building inspections: The Whys in Commercial Building Inspection - 12/28/06 03:09 AM
A few days ago, I posted a blog dicussing some of the questions to consider before bidding or requesting a commercial real estate inspection. The first question was: Why is the inspection needed? The bottom line is that a commercial building inspection gives the client an overall understanding of the general condition of the building. This allows the client to move forward with business planning, negotiations and remodeling or renovation with a knoweldge of current systems. An inspection reduces surprises. When it comes to large real estate transactions that can be a great peace of mind.For some, that needed knowledge is … (3 comments)


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