gpi: Home Safety Tips for Sellers - 01/29/08 03:15 AM
Obivously an unoccupied house can be a target for burglars. Of nearly all the burglaries reported in 2006, an estimated 66 percent occurred in private residences. Most occurred during the day when the house was unoccupied. As a real estate agent, this knowledge can perhaps be used to help convince sellers who might have already moved out to take the leap and do some home maintenance even though the aren't staying living in the home. An abandoned property may be a prime target, especially one with little curb appeal. Some tips to pass on might be:
Continuing with yard maintenanceRemoving dead plants from around the front entrance or … (0 comments)

gpi: Exterior Christmas Light Safety - 12/12/07 08:55 AM
Hanging lights outdoors for the holidays has become big business. Companies across the country will put up decorations for you and communities hold contests for the best and brightest. Nearly everyone knows how important it is to watch such lights and decorations indoors, but how many people thing about the dangers associated with outside lighting? Producing the best display on the block means not only being the brightest, but the safest.
The idea for using electric lights to decorate Christmas trees has been around since at least 1882. That's when Thomas Edison's assistant, Edward Johnson, proposed the concept.
To protect your … (0 comments)

gpi: Landings: Safety at the Top of a Staircase - 10/19/07 06:40 AM
Good stairs have good landings. It only makes sense from a home safety standpoint. A landing, a level place at the top of a staircase, assists in traffic flow and prevents falls or run-ins when opening and closing doors. In most places, landings are required anytime you have three or more stairs. More than three stairs apparently equals a height that's dangerous when it comes to falls.
If a door opens out over the landing, general consensus says the landing should be large enough, usually 3-feet by 3-feet, so that anyone standing on the landing isn't knocked off when the door swings out. … (0 comments)

gpi: Cleaning Gutters in the Fall - 09/19/07 07:38 AM
The leaves are just beginning to turn colors in beautiful Nebraska. Fall happens to be one of my favorite times of the year. I happen to like fall colors, hayrack rides and the smell of a good soup simmering in my crockpot. Of course, as with any season, fall comes with some chores that aren't so fun. One of those is cleaning out the gutters. I am always suprised at what summer rains can wash into the gutters if I'm not careful.  
I know my gutters are meant to divert rainwater away from the exterior and foundation of my home, but they also collect debris, bugs, stick … (0 comments)

gpi: Glass Safety at Home - 08/20/07 08:53 AM
My first day at junior high, I noticed some of the windows had what looked like chain link fence running through them. Others did not. I found out why one morning when one student pushed another through one of the non-reinforced windows during a fight. Later, that window was replaced with one with the wires through it. Before the end of the year, I saw several incidents like this and learned an appreciation of what glass can do to skin. It seems the National Safety Council was way ahead of me when it came to safety glass in residences. My stories are from the late 1980s. 
In the … (1 comments)

gpi: What You Should Know About Thermostats - 08/14/07 09:04 AM
Where I am from, thermostats seem to be a normal part of the landscape of the home. Usually located in the hallway or other interior space, they are pretty much ignored unless you live in a house full of college students all used to living under different temperatures. In that case, the thermostat could get quite a workout, whether it's manual or programmable. The thermostat controls the operation of heating or heating and cooling systems on your property. Proper location, maintenance and operation of these control centers keeps indoor temperatures comfortable and can save on utility costs.
Thermostats should be on … (0 comments)

gpi: Be Prepared for Your Next Home Maintenance Job - 08/09/07 05:55 AM
Recent storms here have meant flooding in low-lying areas. Damage in other states has been much worse. I am lucky that my own home is situated higher than the floor waters can reach, but the storms have made me think about being prepared in case Mother Nature decides to shake up my doorstep. Of course, I know I should always be prepared to deal with home repairs -- whether Mother Nature or simply time is the cause of my issues. Sometimes it seems much easier to just wait and worry. Why is that when DOING something just isn't that difficult. For instance, … (0 comments)

gpi: National Property Inspections Launches Improved Website - 06/12/07 04:10 AM
OMAHA, Neb. - National Property Inspections Inc. has launched a reformatted website making it easier to connect residential and commercial clients with inspectors.
"We know clients are looking online to locate home and commercial inspectors in their area," NPI Vice President Bill Erickson said. "To help connect them with an inspector, we have added a zip code search." Visitors can determine the distance around a zip code to search, or search by state. Canadian customers have the option of searching by province or postal code.
The new site, or in Canada, offers more consumer information and safety tips. In just a … (1 comments)

gpi: Scoping a Commercial Building Inspection Part 3 - 02/21/07 01:05 AM
What information do you need from a commercial building inspection? That's an important question to answer when devleoping the scope for your commercial inspection. Are you purchasing an apartment complex where lots of roof leaks have been recently reported? Are you purchasing a business and the lease for a building and want to check the overall condition of the property? Are you looking at purchasing a building with several retail tenants as a long-term investment and was an estimate of maintenance costs and a timeline for repairs?These are important questions to consider when talking with a commercial property inspector. The inspector … (0 comments)

gpi: National Property Inspections Celebrates 20th Anniversary - 02/16/07 01:17 AM
Twenty years ago, President and Founder of National Property Inspections, Roland Bates, interviewed his first three franchisees. At the time, he was the owner, operator, educational staff and sales department for the fledgling company, it's only employee. All three of the men he interviewed signed contracts. All three stayed with NPI at least 10 years and one remains an inspector with the company today. "For me personally, the most exciting moment for NPI was when I received that first royalty check for $14," Bates said. "It proved the system would work." His system was and is based on the tenets of honesty, integrity and … (0 comments)


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