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There are a few simple ways to get your home sold faster and for more money. Tip number one. Build your team. We are all in this together and when we work together as a team, it works for all of us. Make sure you have a great agent who will price your home correctly and an experienced staging pro...
     Spring is here.  Yepee...  Snow is gone and you are ready to put a little "spring" into your home.  Nothing major this time.  But you don't know how or where to go?  You don't know what color to paint or what you need to add to give you that "spring" feel you are looking for.  Wow, you never...
     You have asked and I have listened.  I am now pleased to announce that along with my staging business I have branched out to interior design.  Room by Room Interiors will meet the needs of clients at an affordable rate so that all can benefit.  Tired of dingy and gray?  You may need help wit...
     If you are selling your house or planning to, this is for you!  Now you can have the cutting edge over your neighbors.  Stage your home before you list it.  You have seen your neighbors technique "not working" for selling their homes.  Now is the time to think outside the box and use a techn...
     Can't seem to sell your home?  It's all about marketing.      Dynamic market appeal!  Take the "ho-hum" out of your house and replace it with the "wow, I love it" factor.  Stage your home.  Anyone can put furniture in a home, but you have to showcase the home.  At Staging and Redesign I know...
What is staging?  What is decorating?  Some people are confused so I will try to clear the air for you...First of all when I stage a home I don't decorate a home.  Staging and decorating are two completely different functions.  STAGING:  The market is my focal point.  When I stage a home my one a...
"It sold"....."It sold"....."It sold".....In any market these are beautiful words, but in todays market they mean so much more.  With the way the economy and the world is today and with everyone blaming everyone, it is no wonder that we get so much more excited with these two words.  Everyone has...
You know about it, they know about it, yet everyone forgets about it.  It always seems to end up last on the list.  But a buyer sees it first....."go figure".  I'm talking about curb appeal.  Lets focus on curb appeal first for a change.  Its inexpensive and rarely hard.  A clean, trimmed, green ...
Light is a wonderful thing.  It adds cheer, excitment, beauty, and comfort.  You can also add drama and moods with accent lighting.  Be creative behind sofas, fireplaces, in plants.  So use it.  Table lamps, floor lamps, spot lights, and don't forget natural light.  Keep all the blinds open (unle...
Tips for the entry.  One of the most important places.  Why? because it is the first, 1st, Ono, number one, impression of the house.  If it doesn't reek of a welcoming and inviting atmosphere then you might as well take down the for sale sign because some people won't even get out of the car.  Go...

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