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Have you visited the FedStats website lately? I hadn't been there in awhile and it seems it has undergone some changes and become much more comprehensive.  The site basically provides demographic data on cities, counties, states and the nation.  They have a MapStats tool that eliminates the need ...
Useful Websites as seen at   Great for Real Estate, but applicable to other business as well........enjoyThe following Web sites offer interesting tidbits & helpful pointers about becoming the best leader you can be: The Pacific Institute - Teaching individuals and organiz...
Don't let your past eat your futureWill your success be achieved without sacrificing your integrity?Will you attack complacency and do something daily that will move you toward success?Love your mistakes, they are your most memorable educatorsStop often for a reality checkIf you want to win, you ...
Realty Times has some great articles about all aspects of the real estate industry. Here's one I read today that I felt deserved some exposure on ActiveRain.  Let me know what you think, especially all you techies.Marketing: Customize a Google Homepageby Michael J. RusserEveryone uses search engi...
This question came up recently during a discussion in our office about replacing air conditioning units in single family residences.  "What is the change in the AC energy efficiency law all about and what exactly is SEER?"SEER stands for Season Energy Efiiciency Ratio, a rating system used by the...
This book by David Cottrell is about to achieve it, keep it and enjoy making better choices. I was fortunate to receive this book from someone else who continually implements successful changes in their business and their personal life.  Although I have not finished the book...
As you would suspect, the majority of our homes in Florida have pools.  Some fiberglass some concrete.  In previewing and listing these properties, we have seen some pretty messed up pools from owners trying to save money and do repairs themselves.  If cared for properly a pool can and will last ...
Above all…don’t panic. Usually something can be worked out and most buyers and sellers want to do so. If the terms of the contract cannot be met, then it is subject to further negotiations. The first option will usually lie with the seller. If the buyer lacks the funds, or is unwilling, to make t...
Finally, you've joined the ranks....taken the plunge....stepped outside your box.....Wooohooo! You've got a website! the business should start rolling in, right?  Not so fast.....what are you doing to promote your website? It is sad to see agents spend the money to obtain a website and the...
Looking through our local Real Estate Book it seems one ad runs into the next with only the change of colors to differenciate one ad from the other.  Where has the creativity gone?  Can we no longer make it past "Call me for all of your Real Estate needs!" as our mantra?  Very few REALTORS are th...

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