vacation homes: TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! Does anybody really care? - 05/08/07 12:34 PM
TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! A while back I posted information on a closing that took 3 years to happen. Today an agent told me their own horror story about a closing that took 2 years and another that was dragged out 3 months due to misunderstandings. 
I'm currently working with a customer who has suffered through one failed closing (which luckily we accepted an offer on the next day after posting a classified ad on Craig's List! Woo-hoo!) to jump into another that is 60 days past the original contract closing date (Boo-hoo!).
What's the record here for delayed closings? Is 3 … (5 comments)

vacation homes: Got Vacant Homes? Can't Flip 'Em? - 04/22/07 10:24 AM
The vacation rental inventory in the local Florida market (from Casey Key to Boca Grande) for both annual and seasonal rentals along the coast line has sky-rocketed over the last couple of months.  Luckily, the demand for seasonal cottages, condos, villas and single family homes is quite high as well.  Visitors are seeing fantastic deals on rental accomodations along the coast right now.
Europeans and South American visitors generally come to Florida during the summer months with our traditional US visitors still flocking to the Florida coastline in winter.  I need more inventory to keep up with the demand, especially for seasonal rentals that … (1 comments)

vacation homes: Case Study: Closing day SQUEEZE? What would you call it? - 04/10/07 09:29 AM
Buyer and Seller have a a fairly amiable relationship throughout the initial stages of the transaction. Unfortunately, the transaction does not close in 30 days as agreed. The closing date is extended for an additional 20 days and then another additional 15 days to allow the Buyer to obtain his (100%) financing.
Finally, approved for his 100% loan, the closing date is set. Both parties receive the HUD a day in advance. No issues are raised....everything appears to be in order.  Both parties arrive for closing at the same time.  Outside the building, the Seller greets the Buyer with extended arm and … (7 comments)

vacation homes: Who's on your AR MOXIE list? - 09/17/06 02:41 PM
These were cut and pasted from just so we are all on the same page for this blog. 
My family uses the word MOXIE all the time, but many people I know have never heard of the word.  My family has used this word for as long as I can remember to describe a person who is determined in spite of severe challenges.  I love the word and its me, the word itself has the feeling of a determined spirit and strength.  Anyway, MOXIE isn't hard to find, but not everyone has it. In my opinion, most people who have it, are … (6 comments)

vacation homes: Fractional Ownership 4 Real a timeshare BUT NOT! - 09/10/06 01:13 PM
Fractional Ownership has come to our area!  Seems like our undiscovered coastline is growing up or at least Anna Maria Island is!  The De Soto Grande on Anna Maria Island is offering 8 waterfront fractional ownership residences ranging in price from $196,000 to $215,000.  The company developing the property has plans for another on Lido Key.  Seems they have done their research and are banking on its success!
According to Nichole L. Reber, a news correspondent for the Herald Tribune, "each unit has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and views of the village of Anna Maria and/or the water (either the gulf or the bay).  … (1 comments)

vacation homes: What a SUPRA idea! - 09/09/06 11:37 AM
As you can probably tell by my last blog, I have been doing some research on closing gift ideas. After having dinner with a few REALTORS today, it became clear that everyone is feeling like their creativity is zapped!  Especially when it comes to doing something a little different for closing gifts this year. 
                                                                Well, I found a SUPRA idea!
Now many of you who have been in the business longer than me may already know this, but I'm willing to bet that you are in the minority. 
Supra offers permanent style keyboxes for the homeowner. In easy push-button or spin-dial … (2 comments)

vacation homes: Tips for deciphering which mortgage you need - 07/14/06 02:19 PM
There are several elements of a loan that should be analyzed. While one of these elements may suggest one type of loan, another may call for a different type. You must weigh each ingredient separately and collectively. You will find that your answers to the questions below will ultimately determine the type of mortgage that best fits your needs. How long do you plan to stay in this home? Five years? Ten years? Thirty years? The length of time you will be in the home will certainly play a part in determining which loan to apply for. If you only plan … (0 comments)

vacation homes: The Prudential Florida WCI Difference - 07/12/06 12:26 PM
Does your customer's home qualify to be part of our Fine Homes Program?Prudential Florida WCI Realty prides itself on maintaining the highest standards for all its real estate listings. If your customer's home meets certain requirements, it can be further distinguished through our Fine Homes Program.Qualifying for this one-of-a-kind program means your customer's home will automatically be featured in the following fine publications that showcase luxury homes for sale, as well as in a local marketing campaign.** There is a minimum time frame and listing price required. See me for more information.
The following publications feature Prudential Fine Homes Program listings:
Dream … (1 comments)

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