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 Showing property early today took on a whole new dimension. As I left my home to venture out to my first appointment, I realized that today was going to call for some unusual real estate gear. With all the smoke from the Georgia and Florida wild fires being blown over southwest Florida today, ev...
TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! A while back I posted information on a closing that took 3 years to happen. Today an agent told me their own horror story about a closing that took 2 years and another that was dragged out 3 months due to misunderstandings.  I'm currently working with a customer who has su...
Saturday night, Baby Huey flew in from the Shadow Hill Kennel breeders in Missouri by way of a two hour lay over in Dallas. What a trip he had! Thankfully, he came from reputable breeders who had treated him extremely well his first eight weeks of life.  He is big and strong and healthy.  Thankfu...
  The vacation rental inventory in the local Florida market (from Casey Key to Boca Grande) for both annual and seasonal rentals along the coast line has sky-rocketed over the last couple of months.  Luckily, the demand for seasonal cottages, condos, villas and single family homes is quite high a...
Buyer and Seller have a a fairly amiable relationship throughout the initial stages of the transaction. Unfortunately, the transaction does not close in 30 days as agreed. The closing date is extended for an additional 20 days and then another additional 15 days to allow the Buyer to obtain his (...
mox·ie (mks) n. Slang 1. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.2. Aggressive energy; initiative: 3. Skill; know-how.Noun1.moxie - fortitude and determination; "most woulnd't have the guts to try....but this guy's got MOXIE!" guts, backbone, grit, gumption, sandfortitude - strengt...
Wow! my husband and I were traveling across state last week and were thrilled to see the price of gas!  We didn't hesitate to stop and fill up when we saw $2.38 in Okeechobee!  Here are some of the other prices that we encountered..........Englewood $2.55 down from $2.87Sarasota $2.39 down from $...
Fractional Ownership has come to our area!  Seems like our undiscovered coastline is growing up or at least Anna Maria Island is!  The De Soto Grande on Anna Maria Island is offering 8 waterfront fractional ownership residences ranging in price from $196,000 to $215,000.  The company developing t...
 ( I know animated pictures on AR are not everyone's favorite, and I promise not to post them often, but I just couldn't resist this cute little guy.  Doesn't he just make you smile and help you let the stress melt away?  PETS RULE! )REALTORS like many other professionals, often times have diffic...
As you can probably tell by my last blog, I have been doing some research on closing gift ideas. After having dinner with a few REALTORS today, it became clear that everyone is feeling like their creativity is zapped!  Especially when it comes to doing something a little different for closing gif...

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