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 Wouldn't it be great if your closing gifts could keep saying "THANK YOU!"  all throughout the year?   Well they can!  I just found Amazing Clubs which offers a variety of items that can be ordered for your customers and delivered year round!  Each time your customer receives their club package t...
Anyone who knows me would say that I invite constructive criticism and welcome subjects to debate, even if they are personal. I am open minded and can generally see the other person's perspective and will consider their viewpoint openly, but there are some comments worth slamming the door on........
Success is defined at least by one source as "the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted" and by another source as "an event that accomplishes its intended purpose". Which means that more likely than not, we have many successes per day that we do not recognize. Instead we take dai...
One of the things I love about living in Florida, especially Englewood, are the natural surroundings and all the beautiful gifts that nature brings to my sight on a daily basis.  We live just off the intracoastal waterway known as Lemon Bay.  So named in "PIONEER DAYS" for the plentiful lemon fru...
           It is amazing what you will hear at your favorite dining establishment, even when you don't intend to. A few evenings ago, my husband and I witnessed a very animated discussion in our favorite seaside restaurant.  Two ladies were sitting at the table next to us. Their conversation star...
                                     Where does a car like this go... when in the projected path of a hurricane?                                                                                               Get your motor running!!!                                                                 ...
Floyd Wickman has a lot of great ideas and is frequently a featured writer in BrokerAgent News.  But after reading through the last set of educational emails I got from him....I am starting to see fish in my office!  That's right, FISH.  No, it's not because our office is in a beach town, known f...
  Many real estate websites are missing their connections to the KIDS! As we connect with families through our online marketing, let's not forget that the KIDS need to be connected to the family's move from home to home in a positive way. There are a variety of ways to do that when you are face t...
 BBRRRRINNNGGG! "You've reached your Seller of Choice! I'm not at home at the moment, but leave your name and number and the price at which you think my home will sell in 30 days. If I like your answer I'll call you back!" BEEEEP!When leaving messages for others on their voicemail, it's smart to ...
          Muffin and Fifi were smelling around the front door seemingly excited about going in.  They had brought Ms. Winchester (their 65 year old guardian) to see a potential new home. They were excited!  This was the third house of the day!The Realtor  smiled and fought her way to the door ami...

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