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I just returned from the local seafood market with some fine selections of fresh fish. The local fish market in our town is on Manasota Key adjacent to Englewood Beach. It has all the wonderful smells and sites that you would expect to encounter at the island fish market on a hot and humid evenin...
Sometimes I see good REALTORS having bad days.  Maybe because they just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or maybe because a closing didn't happen or maybe because they are just stressed out about too many things.  We all need a little stress relief at one point or another.  One of my long ti...
RisMedia August 2006 has a fantastically, thought provoking article written by President and CEO of, Allan Dalton.  It is a must read! If you have not read it, please get a copy ASAP.  The article is entitled  Real Estate Industry Warming. In the article he states that there are  two ...
Here's a few tips on making your customer (or anyone new that you meet) feel extra special.........Make eye contact as you walk towards them for the initial handshake. This tells them that you are focused on meeting them and have tuned out all other stimuli around you. Maintain eye contact as you...
This article appeared on Saturday, August 6, 2006 in the Venice Gonolier Sun. It was an article provided by Sarasota County as precautionary warning to visitors to our area. It has some good tips for those who wish to swim in the ocean, so I have reprinted it here for all of you who will be visit...
In the August REALTOR Magazine there is an article entitled "Feeling the Pinch" about how gas prices are affecting REALTORS.  The story tells of agents who previously purchased HUMMERS or other gas guzzlers over the past few years.  Now that gas prices are high, many of them (the vehicles) are si...
Our office location  in Englewood, Florida is in an out building at a shopping center. The building was previously a bank. When we moved into this new location, the company decided to maintain the drive-thru window and use it as a marketing tool.  We are located on a busy, main thoroughfare throu...
A newscaster on TV this evening was concluding her segment.  I happened to catch the last few words as she said goodnight.  They made me stop and think. She said, " Remember....Worry is like a rocking chair.  It gives you something to do, but you it gets you nowhere." Make the choice today to pus...
Have you visited the FedStats website lately? I hadn't been there in awhile and it seems it has undergone some changes and become much more comprehensive.  The site basically provides demographic data on cities, counties, states and the nation.  They have a MapStats tool that eliminates the need ...
Useful Websites as seen at   Great for Real Estate, but applicable to other business as well........enjoyThe following Web sites offer interesting tidbits & helpful pointers about becoming the best leader you can be: The Pacific Institute - Teaching individuals and organiz...

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