spending time with cherry: I want to share some "Great" news with everyone from Activerain on Sherry's aka Cherry's coming to America - 05/04/10 12:52 AM
Thank you so much Robert and I miss you and can't wait to return home with our daughter.
Nu Nu

Below is a letter I sent the Embassy in Rangoon Myanmar (Burma) and the reply they send back to me! Sherry aka Cherry has finally been issued a (Visa) to come to the United States of America to live with Nu Nu and I.
I sent the photos above & below to the Embassy along with websites & networks that have stories and information about Sherry, Nu Nu & myself.
We are very excited about the latest news … (4 comments)

spending time with cherry: Vegas Bob & Nu Nu are headed to Myanmar (Burma) today and does anyone know why? - 04/02/10 10:07 PM
"Thank You sweetheart"
Yes Nu Nu and I are headed to Myanmar (Burma) today, but we will be landing in Thailand first so I can capture some Video & Photographs of Phuket Islands.
Our trip to south east Asia os for family reasons but as long as were there I am going totake advantage of the oppertunity and capture the beauty of Both Thailand & Myanmar (Burma).
 The post (below) is the main reason for our travels to the other side of the world and thank you so much for your prayers.
Memories of (Burma) Nu Nu … (3 comments)

spending time with cherry: It sounds like Cherry might finally be coming to live with us in America ........... - 03/18/10 11:49 PM
"Thank you Robert" and I am very excited!

 It has been a long and winding road trying to get out daughter Cherry into the United State. Her case to come to America was approved by (Home Land Security) in 2005, and they lost the paper work for over four years.
 We are on our 3rd Attorney and (Senator Harry Reid) has been helping us for over one year now. Senator Harry Reid's office has been calling and sending letters trying to light some fire under their rear ends at Home Land Security.
 Well we just received another letter that … (2 comments)

spending time with cherry: Answered Prayers or The Power of Activerain?...... Some "Great" News about Cherry ........ 3-13-2010 - 03/13/10 04:41 PM
 I want to thank you so much for posting this Robert and these photographs make me cry with happiness that we will be with Cherry in the next three weeks!
 Nu Nu

 Answered Prayers or The Power of Activerain?...... Some "Great" News about Cherry ........ 3-13-2010
 Nu Nu and I have planned a trip to Thailand & Myanmar (Burma) the first week of April 2010 and we just received a very exciting letter in the mail today.
 We received a letter from "The National Visa Center" for a interview with Yumi Tanaka (Cherry) to appear April … (10 comments)

spending time with cherry: I have some very exciting news about where I will be traveling in one month! - 02/26/10 12:14 PM

 I am very excited to say that I will be going some where very special one month from now!
 The end of March I will be traveling to Myanmar to visit with my daughter Cherry, my mother and other family members.
 I am very excited and I may be staying for 2 months, I might even bring my hubby with!

 Here are some photographs that Robert took the last time I was in Myanmar with my daughter Cherry.

 I may look very happy in these photographs and I was when they were taken, but I have been very … (18 comments)

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