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Busy! Busy! Busy! This month has been incredibly busy and I can tell you now last January was not like this.  I usually carry between 10-15 listings and I am going to have to go out and reload. Thats right I am getting offers and showings left and right.      So what do I attribute to this wonder...
     I wasn't going to do it I was going to watch anything but the game some how the remote flipped it on and there  sat yelling at the television and wishing I wasn't watching the slow death of the Chicago Bears.  I want you to know I am one of the few people that still have the superbowl shuffl...
    So the other day I was having a conversation with another agent and he was saying that he just found out that his E & O insurance does not cover him on short sales, cash for key etc...     I have my E & O through the company that I work for so I got to thinking I wonder if our coverage works ...
     Today I had a buyer i have been working with call me they found a house on one of the websites and absolutely love it and want to see it.  I looked it up on the MLS and it said pending I called the customer and let them know that the status is pending and I will send them some more homes.   ...
     John Masson was wounded October 16. 2010 he sacrificed 3 of his extremities for our freedom.  He has a wife and three children.  He proudly served for 11 years in the armed forces.       John was employed with Precoat metals in Portage before joining the national guard. Both he and his wife ...
     Well I was in the office all day and I didn't get much accomplished but sometimes that is ok.  It started out quiet and just went from there.  I was happily typing away on the computer when it suddenly got loud around the office.  Well, that is kind of weird as I peeked around the corner.  N...
     Today I watched the webinar on the "new" short sale process and have to say in theory I pray that it works the way they say it will.  I have not worked a Bank of America short sale as of yet and have heard the usual horror stories.  I have worked Chase and in my opinion there is none worse. ...
     OK so I have been eying the Rosetta Stone programs and wow are they expensive but I hear totally worth it.  I was in Staples today picking up some items with my husband tonight and as I walked past the display and ran my hand over the top of the box and all but drooled on it my husband looke...
     So yesterday as we were sitting at a company meeting another agent brought up a huge problem that he was having with his short sales.  The home owners who at first were trying to keep their home out of foreclosure are no longer motivated to get their home sold short.      Why would they be? ...
     OK so I am definitely more dedicated when I am working in the office.  I need to be sitting at the desk working to make any kind of progress.  If I am at home I find a million other things going on to distract me.  I know alot of people are able to do the home thing and honestly at night whi...

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