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     Every day I receive in my inbox email after email.  Lead generation for x amount of dollars. Leads to your phone for x amount of  dollars.  QR code information for x amount of dollars.  How to get buyers to call you for x amount of dollars.  You as a real estate agent I am sure are getting e...
My excitement can hardly be held back! Illinois house today approved a HUGE tax increase.  Wow Governor Mitch Daniels is excited, every REALTOR in the state if they are not excited should be.  Home owners wanting to sell are probably wiggling in their chairs like small children from all the excit...
     Hi I need some information and I hoping you can help me I respond with not sure but I will try. She then says they have been doing some remodeling around the house and wanted to know about some questions about making improvements that would affect the price of the home.     She then tells me...
     As I watched on the news about the shooting in AZ today I thought alot about how people interact on a day to day basis.  You see there can be two hundred people in a grocery store and as we walk through do you ever wonder how if any way your life will interact with any of them.  The child th...
Ok so we all have facebook pages and possibly a number of other social media tools like twitter, linked in etc... My post today will address mostly the facebook page today.  I have alot of real estate friends on my facebook page for the most part they are really good discussing holidays, kids, fa...
Ok I know most of you are going to think I am insane but I love short sales.  I am not sure whether it is the challenge of them or what but my blood starts pumping when the phone rings and it is a short sale. However, I do wish that these banks would get their act together for example I have a sh...
So I get a phone call a month ago from a lady and she and her boyfriend want to buy a house I have listed. Naturally step one was to get them qualified.  She called me back and said unfortunately they were just shy of being able to get a loan. She then tells me that they really want this home tha...
  Reports saying how hard it is to buy a house now have people scared into calling and looking for either rent-to-own or lease.  Everyone is sure that they can't buy a house because the news says so.  We have been getting tons and tons of phone calls asking if we have rentals available. Today I w...

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