In real estate transactions, the closing day signals the final steps in transferring a property from seller to buyer. The closing date is when all paperwork is finalized, closing costs are paid, the title is transferred, the buyer receives the keys, and the seller is free from the property. The c...
Staging your house is when you dress up your home so that it’s appealing to potential buyers. Keeping your house in show condition is important during the home selling process. You never know when a potential buyer will be dropping in to check things out, and you want to be ready! Fortunately, st...
What is a short sale? In the most basic terms, a short sale occurs when a home is sold for less than what is owed on the existing mortgage – or, when market changes alter the property value to less than what is owed. Real estate short sales are never a first choice in how a home is sold, and rare...
Home Owners Associations, or HOAs, are organizations in place to preserve and protect the integrity of a community. HOAs, sometimes referred to as Neighborhood Associations, typically have a set of bylaws, rules, regulations, and guidelines for maintaining the quality of their neighborhood. HOAs ...
King County & Eastside Home Sales ReportKing County Home Sales Report shows record sales. In February, King County Closed Sales saw an increase of 4.78%. The median house sales price in King County was up 16.60% over last year to $590,000 .READ MORE
When shopping for a home on the Eastside many buyers are finding themselves competition with other buyers for the few homes available.  With record low inventorythere are 7-10 buyers to each home available.  With that in mind here are 5 things that every buyer needs to find themselves on the winn...
Offering a variety of benefits, buying a home with cash prevents the need to seek out financing. Without the requirement to secure a mortgage, buying a home with cash avoids the interest payments needed for a mortgage. The cost of the home may be significantly reduced by avoiding interest payment...
When you see a swarm of children running with decorative pails, craft egg cartons, paper or plastic bags, you know it may be time for annual Easter egg hunts. The excitement is contagious as parents watch their children’s faces light up from the finds. The Bellevue, Washington area offers a range...
Are you ready to sell your home? Is the constant revolving door of potential buyers roaming through your home becoming overwhelming for you and your family? Have you considered dropping the asking price just to put an end to the sales process?Before you give up, consider hosting an open house to ...
Would you believe that a home warranty could make the difference between a buyer choosing your house or another? When competition is fierce, or buyers are slow to decide, a home warranty could provide the assurance needed to set your house for sale apart from the rest. Here’s your guide to offeri...

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