real estate: Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning? - 09/11/12 12:56 AM
     I began my morning by hearing that song by Alan Jackson on the radio on my drive in to the office. Funny how a song can bring up memories and emotions not thought about in a while. I remember the attacks vividly, watching the coverage as I sat with brothers in the firehouse of our Volunteer Fire Department in Ohio on that day.
     I remember the haunting feeling for days afterward of not seeing vapor trails in the skies. More than anything else though, I remember how America came together as one during that time. Race, religion, … (5 comments)

real estate: Please be gentle, this is my first time - 07/29/11 01:23 PM
          After lurking on many sites, including this one, reading the witty, informative and talented blogs that appear and sitting in awe of the skill of these writers, I have finally been talked into starting my own blog.
          I wrestled with what the subject should be of my first blog for a couple of weeks, then one conversation with my wife popped the idea light above my head on. While we were talking about real estate one evening (while watching HGTV), the conversation turned to buyer’s agents and she asked me the question many ask, “how much does a buyer’s … (13 comments)

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