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I am a homestager and room makeover expert in St Paul Minnesota. My work involves coaching clients on how to clear out their closets, cabinets and storage areas. I am not an organizing professional by trade, but I do appreciate how an organized house appeals to people's hopes and dreams. Staging'...
Getting Organized To Kickstart The New Year..Day 2's Mission Is.. Getting The Hall Closet Organized I am spending this tween week (the days between Christmas and New Year's Day) on an organizing mission.  I love an organized house.  But loving one and having one are not always linked.  I am a hom...
GETTING THE HOLIDAY DECORATIONS PUT AWAY I know to many of you it seems too early to remove the decorations, but for me...this just feels right. We are having a funny winter here in St Paul, Minnesota.  On Christmas day it was in the mid 40's and the ground was as brown as toast.  Maybe...
I just read an interesting article about Paint Color Trends for 2012.  The article focused primarily on the paint color trends that the manufactuers in Canada are predicting for 2012. Since I am the owner of a Home Staging and Room Makeover business in Minnesota I need to pay attention to what ha...
I am a house stager in the Twin Cities of St Paul/Minneapolis and at this time of the year I frequently get asked about the appropriateness of decorating for the holidays when a property is on the market.  In Minnesota the winter days are short and often times cloudy and the nights can be a littl...
She Visits Old Homes!   Minnesota was the new frontier in the 1800's.  Lots of people made big fortunes in lumber, rail travel, publishing and shipping here.  We are fortunate that many of these successful business men built large and ornate mansions to advertise their success and impress their f...
Staging, Low Investment with High Return Twin Cites, MN   If your investment advisor called you up and said that she had an investment idea for you that would require only a small investment, but had the potential to pay you back 3 times what you put in would you say “sign me up” or “bugger off”?...
For more home staging tips you can see If you have ever hired a home staging professional I would bet that somewhere within the first 15 minutes of your meeting you heard the words DECLUTTER.  In Minnesota I think we have a more significant problem with stuff accum...
12/05/2011, you would not have found me standing in a long line in the freezing Twin Cities temperatures waiting for hours to buy an electronic gizmo. Don't get me wrong, no one loves a deal more that I do.  But I love to buy new home staging props.  I have even had people accuse me of starting a ho...
It's Snowing in the Twin Cities!  Usually by now this has lost it's thrill for the residents of St Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota.  By December snow is often both deep and a nasty color of brown.  But not this year. Yeah Snow. While the snow is beautiful and makes me want to run out and by a Chri...

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