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Well, I bought a new pair of running shoes, and yesterday I officially launched my new exercise routine by going for my first jog of the year.  Wow, am I out of shape!  I think I cramped up within a couple blocks and, just going around my neighborhood, I had to alternate walking and running so I ...
All winter long, I kept thinking (and even occasionally announcing) that I would start a new exercise regimen once spring rolled around and the weather got nicer.  I decided my main approach would be to run.  I would also work in biking and roller-blading on off-days to give my knees a break and ...
I'm seeing more and more commercials on tv lately for the new A-Team movie, which opens on June 11th... and I am so excited!  Even as a "purist" fan who watched every episode on NBC when I was in elementary and junior high school, I can't wait to see the film. Sure, it was corny.  Thousands of ro...
A while back, my daughters won one of those dollar goldfish at a carnival- the kind that comes in a plastic bowl and usually dies within a day or two.  Well, I bought some colored gravel and a little castle for the bowl, and three years later he's still alive and kicking.  I named him "Batfish" a...
Yesterday my wife and I took our puggle for a walk around the neighborhood, as we often do.  It's especially important lately, as his penchant for "Chef Michael's Chicken Rotisserie" dog food is making him a little pudgy around the middle (Of course, I can use the exercise, too!). One thing I alw...
Every morning I make coffee at home.  I brew a couple of mugs in my kitchen and drink them while I have a bowl of cereal, trying to keep an eye on the kids while they get ready for school.  For me, it's not just about saving money (it costs less than a buck a day at home, even for "good" coffee)....
I had an interesting lesson in "hype" this evening.  When I pulled in the driveway at home, returning after a day at the office, my older daughter and my puggle were outside waiting to greet me.  Both welcomed me in their own way.  Then the puggle saw a dog across the street and started barking. ...
We feed our puggle twice a day: once in the morning, when we get up, and once in the evening around 6 o'clock.  At each of his two mealtimes, he gets a small metal bowl filled with dry dog food ("Chef Michaels"- we spoil him).  The puggle usually devours his repasts in a matter of nanoseconds.  T...
Last night before I left the office, my wife asked me to pick up Chinese takeout on the way home.  I "Googled" the place by our house to get the number and saw the restaurant had its own website.  I clicked on it and was pleasantly surprised to see the entire carryout menu (including the combinat...
Over the weekend, my wife and I stayed at a high-end local hotel, since we had won a one-night "romance package" from a recent charity raffle.  It was... ok.  It's hard to complain when you win something, but I was less than wowed by our stay.  The mini-refrigerator in the room was barely cold, m...

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