outer banks homes for sale: Outer Banks MLS on your smart phone - 02/06/12 04:36 AM
Now search all Outer Banks homes for sale from your smart phone ... FREE! You can also search lots and land as well as commercial.
It's easy! From your smart phone search for www.lindapowers.OBXwhere.com then simply save to your home screen.

 Here's our logo you will see. Just click on "search" and choose your search type. When you're here at the beach you can search bothDare and Curriticuck counties for property near you                              ORYou can choose your criteria for town, price, income,location, number of bedrooms.You can see your search results on a map or list.
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outer banks homes for sale: Cost of Outer Banks Real Estate - 11/01/11 04:37 AM
The cost of Outer Banks real estate compared to the towns and neighborhoods where our clients work and live often is a surprise to folks who want to buy here. It doesn't matter if a year round or second home is wanted, or, for that matter, a second home in a rental area or an investment property.
As an example, let's say you currently own a 2500 square foot home with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths, large kitchen, formal dining and living as well as a family room. You want something similar as a year round or second home on the Outer Banks. OK. … (0 comments)

outer banks homes for sale: Outer Banks Real Estate and Homes for Sale - 10/25/11 06:00 AM
It is once again time to shop for Outer Banks real estate and your home on the beach. Really. Throughout this year single family homes for sale from Corolla, Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and through Nags Head have averaged 1% above the average sales price for 2010. Considering that this is the first year out of several that the prices have not fallen, it is time for serious buyers to come back and get the best of the buys!
Some buyers have already taken advantage of Outer Banks real estate  once again being a good buy. The number of sales have increased … (0 comments)

outer banks homes for sale: Remembering Summers on the Outer Banks - 10/20/11 07:30 AM
Ah ... the good old days with memories of romantic walks at night on the beach ... moonlight shining across the water ... walking in the surf ... being chased by a wave ... or a ghost crab.
Remember your first Outer Banks visit when you parked your car and hurried to the beach for that first sight of the Atlantic Ocean ... feeling the air blowing your hair ... smelling the salt air ... hearing the cry of sea gulls and watching the flying formation of the brown pelicans.
Wasn't that outdoor shower fabulous on a hot summer day! The kids loved chasing the … (0 comments)

outer banks homes for sale: Addicted to commercials - 09/13/10 04:45 AM
Addicted to commercials
OK. So I'm not addicted to commercials non stop. To tell the truth, sometimes I wonder what the message is supposed to be. There are those commercials (more than you think) that have an ocean view in them.
Watch and you'll see. Perhaps they remind you of great memories. They remind me of the Outer Banks beaches.
Addicted to commercials Outer Banks style is easy. And I must admit though I'm not a big pro football fan, I love watching the super bowl . . . for the commercials. My favorites there are the Budweiser commercials with … (2 comments)

outer banks homes for sale: OUTER BANKS REAL ESTATE AND HOMES FOR SALE UNDER $500,000 ON MLS - 08/03/10 06:48 AM
Outer Banks Real Estate and Homes for Sale Under $500,000 on MLS
Search Outer Banks real estate and homes for sale under $500,000 on MLS right here! Inventory is great and many homes can be found under $300,000. Links are provided below to help you search quickly by town.
Corolla homes for sale under $500,000Duck homes for sale under $500,000Southern Shores homes for sale under $500,000Kitty Hawk homes for sale under $300,000Kitty Hawk homes for sale between $300,000 and $600,000Kill Devil Hills homes for sale under $300,000Kill Devil Hills homes for sale between $300,000 and $600,000Nags Head homes for sale under … (2 comments)

outer banks homes for sale: Buy an Outer Banks home this year - 01/23/10 04:39 AM
Consider why you should buy an Outer Banks Home this Year. Perhaps you know family members or friends who have discussed this.
Here are some facts to help you decide if the time is right for you:
The number of sales is increasing. That's a great signal it's time to get in the game. It looks like this January's sales may be about double that of last year. Interest rates remain low. Once again a 30 year fixed loan is below 5%. Average prices are low for 2 reasons: (1) Foreclosures and short sales pull prices down, and (2) homes priced … (1 comments)

outer banks homes for sale: Outer Banks Homes with Your Price, Location and Features are Limited - 09/15/09 07:51 AM
Thare remains many fine Outer Banks Homes for Sale. The question is how many have your price, location and features? Many prospective buyers believe the numbers of available homes are so high that there is no rush to buy now. But ... while the number of Outer Banks homes for sale are high, the numbers greatly diminish when you begin to remove those not offering your price range, location and features. That certainly changes the picture.
Here's an example for you: Let's say you would like a home on the ocean side of Duck, 4 bedrooms with an ocean view. Sounds good. You would … (0 comments)