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OK I have calmed down and want to follow-up on my last post... I just heard a congressman make a lot of sense and I realized that my last post threw them all under the buss!  This guy said that the government shouldn't be trying to make lenders lend, they should be creating conditions under which...
All you hear about is how high inventory is and the negative effect it has on prices in Real Estate.  I understand that what you hear from the media are national numbers, but honestly even I assumed Charlotte inventory has to be pretty high right now. This past weekend I decided to drive around a...
I closed a refinance for one of my past clients on the 23rd and we had to subordinate a second lien they had with beloved Bank of America.  We called B of A and asked about the process which they said was normally 10 business days but also noted that we could pay an additional $75 fee to RUSH the...
I am not writing this as an Obama fan or as an Obama hater.  I will be honest in that I did not vote for him, but I am trying very hard to approach his administration with an open mind.  Sometimes in this country we get so dogmatic in our political views that we fail to examine each decision or p...
New consumer protection laws are being passed to protect the consumer... they won't! You can not replace good sense with regulations.  The government continuously wants to add more rules, more paperwork and more requirements to getting a mortgage loan.  Not all the changes are bad, but they can N...
I thought bad economic news was good for mortgage rates?  Wow, with the news we have had lately we should be seeing rates in the 4% range!!  The problem is that with all markets the people who buy the goods determine the market... overall economic conditions don't "control" any one market. Here i...
Many lenders have stopped offering 100% financing but Myers Park Mortgage has it for Charlotte, NC! With a credit market that is affecting which programs lenders offer, homebuyers are reluctant to move forward right now because they fear rates are high or they will be required to put too much mon...
Mortgage Rates move higher even though stocks are down! In a typical market, if stocks are getting killed mortgage rates improve.  We are NOT in a typical market.  The driving force behind conforming mortgage rates (Fannie, Freddie, FHA, etc...) are mortgage bonds, also know as Mortgage Backed Se...
YES!  YES!  YES! Consumers have gotten the idea that mortgage lenders don't have money to lend!  NOT TRUE. I am a lender in Charlotte, NC, and we are doing just fine.  Rates are low and loan programs haven't changed all that much.  The main scenario that have gotten tough to find or more expensiv...
Wow, local gas prices in Charlotte, NC have dropped.  They had gotten up to $4.07 but today can be found as low as $3.89!  A friend of mine told me that just over the border in S.C. you can find it for $3.59!!  I hope this trend continues because as inflation goes, so goes interest rates.  If inf...

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