realtor coach: Can Babies and Burning Houses Lead to More Cash in Your Business? - 09/21/15 06:55 PM
Your marketing message does not always have to be about the real estate market.  Making a connection with your prospects and sphere of influence is simple.  Share information via your marketing that is useful and needed by everyone.  Topics like "Family Safety Tips" is an excellent reason to contact your marketing list.  Sharing tips forgotten and overlooked can be an excellent way to show your audience that you care about them as human beings and the information shared just might make a serious difference in someones life.
"Is Your Family Protected?" is an excellent question to ask prospects via your marketing.  This topic … (0 comments)

realtor coach: Is Marketing Your Real Estate Business Really as Easy as 1, 2, 3...? - 09/16/15 11:51 AM

Content Markeing for Your Real Estate Business Can Be As Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Make content marketing easy and fun by always thinking "lists!"  Be "friendly" and provide your prospects and sphere of influence lists of 10 quick tips on subjects you would freely discuss at work. Subjects like health, finance, family, sports, insurance, local new restaurants, historic restaurants, things to do in town with your visitors, ways to save money on travel and the list goes on and on...
Your audience will appreciate your efforts to provide useful information they can use immediately, regardless if … (2 comments)

realtor coach: Can Images Help You Sell More Real Estate? - 09/11/15 03:21 AM
The reality is everyone will be in the real estate market at some point in their life.  Shelter is a basic human necessity.  Unfortunately, everyone is not in the market TODAY for your services as a real estate professional.  
 The GREAT news is...
Everyone's in the market for a "smile" each and every day of their life.  It too is a basic human necessity. Use images to connect with prospects and your sphere of influnce.  Offer great information on the market and useful tips on "american" life.  Tips on subjects like family, children, fun, health, savings, retirement, sports, etc. 
Making your audience "smile" when they … (2 comments)

realtor coach: Celebrate the Fruits of Your "Realtor Success" Labor Everyday... - 09/07/15 12:37 PM

Realtor Success Mindset Moment:
Success is not a destination, it's a process. If you want to be a successful real estate agent, engage in the process of continous improvement and you will then experience success.  Each and everyday.
Getting better is "Success!" If you continously get better, you will continously experience success!
A new friend and client messaged me the other day excited that a new lead was received from their email video campaign. This client recently started producing quick 1 - 2 minute videos on topics related to real estate, but not just about real eatate. General topics in life that can … (5 comments)

realtor coach: Not Making Money in Real Estate? It Might Be Your "Sales Pitch"... - 08/28/15 07:28 AM

Sometimes the difference between winning a listing agreement and losing a listing is your sales pitch!
Today I completed a video for a client. We pitched a property management firm on partnering with my client to provide his investors property management services, once my client's firm completes renovations. The video turned out well! Let's see if we get the deal!
Think of how you can use video in your sales pitch. Maybe send all new contacts a video of you, introducing yourself. Maybe after leaving a listing appointment you stop at the grocery store outside of their subdivision and shoot a quick 20 … (0 comments)

realtor coach: A Bank Bag Can Earn Ca$h for Your Real Estate Business! - 08/24/15 05:10 AM
Real estate is emotional.  Connect with prospects emotionally using unquie, creative media!
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realtor coach: Guessing vs. Testing... Is Your Marketing Making Money? - 08/21/15 11:47 AM

Are you “guessing” or “testing” when it comes to marketing your real estate business?
When you think about marketing your real estate business, are you trying to out think your prospects? Do you spend hours trying to guess what will make your prospects click on your Facebook ads? Have you ever wondered what will make your prospect open your direct mail piece? your real estate business is not about what you “guess” your prospects will respond to. Marketing your real estate business is about testing and tracking.
When deciding how you will market your real estate business, you probably look yourself in … (3 comments)

realtor coach: Think Direct Mail is Dead? ...Think Again! - 08/18/15 07:49 PM
Direct mail is alive and well!  
Can your real estate business live without direct mail?
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realtor coach: Would You Buy From You? - 08/14/15 02:40 AM

Would You Buy From You?
Do you think charitable involvement directly impacts your real estate business?  Hopefully your answer is “Yes.”  As the name depicts, real estate agents are supposed to be REAL people who are in the PEOPLE business.  If you really think about it, a real estate agent does not sell houses.  He sells himself to people who need help selling a home or help with finding a home.  As a real estate agent your true inventory is your character. 
When you choose to do business with someone you subconsciously ask yourself three questions.  Do I know this person?  Do I … (2 comments)

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