looking for a local realtor: Future Mission Viejo Homeowners & Down Payment Misinformation - 03/08/17 06:13 AM
It turns out that the run of admirable national and Mission Viejo home sales advances have been pulled off despite a couple of strong countercurrents. At least that’s the theme that emerges from last month’s Aspiring Home Buyers Profile report, which supplied one obvious and one not-so-obvious widespread beliefs among would-be future homeowners.
Mission Viejo home buyers are always a mix of current homeowners (who will usually also be selling) and first-timers. Among the latter group, a major drag on their willingness and ability to invest in their own Mission Viejo home is the student debt phenomenon. Enough has been written about … (0 comments)

looking for a local realtor: Listings in Tustin Present a Fair (but Annoying) Challenge - 02/27/17 06:10 AM
Today’s Tustin listings represent a gigantic leap forward in terms of market efficiency. It’s
hard to imagine a speedier and more convenient way for prospective home buyers to examine the
array of Tustin properties currently being offered. For the sellers, too, the Tustin listings provide a
matchless system for examining the neighborhood competition. In a matter of minutes,
homeowners can make certain that their offering is positioned in line with what the current market
The Tustin listings are also extremely fair in how local homes for sale are presented. On
most sites, properties are given the same amount of space in blocks that are scrupulously identical.
Since every … (1 comments)

looking for a local realtor: Now Begins Official Mission Viejo Deck-Ponder Season - 02/27/17 06:01 AM
Checking the calendar, spring won’t officially kick off until March 20 when the celestial
equinox happens. That same Monday will also officially signal the start of Mission Viejo’s annual
real estate “hot” selling season. And although Major League Baseball’s first pitch won’t be hurled
until two more weeks have passed, March 20 will also coincide with what starts today—which I
designate as the kickoff to Mission Viejo’s Deck-Ponder Season (DPS).
Deck-Ponder Season is that period during which Mission Viejo’s homeowners (and even
some extremely conscientious renters) take a look outside and begin weighing alternative
strategies for dealing with the backyard deck. This is a period every year that … (0 comments)

looking for a local realtor: 6 Ways to Zero in on the Lowest Lake Forest Mortgage Rates - 02/27/17 05:48 AM
Without knowing it, many people develop something akin to a split personality when it
comes to buying a home. In the beginning, as they pursue their ideal Lake Forest house, they
automatically assume an unabashedly active role. Nobody has to tell them that they’re the boss in
the process—since they are the customer, they correctly expect to be in total command of the
house hunting process. They develop their unique wish list and ultimately decide which property
best satisfies it.
But then a split can develop. The active, in-charge commander often does an about-face
when it comes to the nuts and bolts of the next step: securing the … (2 comments)

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