mission viejo real estate: Mission Viejo Housing Affordability Heats Current Market - 05/15/17 12:51 PM
Every now and again Forbes magazine assembles what it calls its “top financial brain
power” to comment on a topic of interest. Late last week, the topic was real estate—more
specifically, the answer to the question, “Is the Real Estate Market Still Healthy?” Speaking for
our Mission Viejo real estate market, I’d have to the answer “yes.”(It’s a cinch I’ll never be asked
by Forbes to join the panel because a one-word answer doesn’t make for a very long article).
Their panelists did better at elaborating. They voiced a couple of blanket observations on
homeownership in today’s market, then settled on some reassuring points on housing affordability.
Their … (0 comments)

mission viejo real estate: Mission Viejo Homeowners (and Their Hefty Tax Advantages) - 05/15/17 12:37 PM
As this season’s controversies swirl through Washington, one of them seems likely to wind
up being at the top of the heap: federal income taxes. Whether or not they will be simplified
(hopefully) or lowered (ummm—probably?) will be sorted out in due time, but one detail is a lead
pipe cinch: when the dust clears, the real estate tax advantage will remain.
If any politician is thinking about eliminating the real estate tax advantage, he or she is
wisely being very quiet about it. For good reason: that’s an idea that would probably lead to a
quick retirement from public life courtesy of many displeased voters. Certainly, … (0 comments)

mission viejo real estate: Credit Scores Remain Central to Mission Viejo Real Estate Dealings - 05/15/17 12:19 PM
If you’re a typical Mission Viejo consumer, like most California residents, it wasn’t too long
ago that you were being constantly bombarded by offers to let you in on a secret: your credit score.
The “free credit score” ads got a lot of responses, but lately, they’ve grown scarcer. I think I know
It used to be that thrift-minded people shied away from plastic because it made overspending
too easy. Today, ubiquitous credit card bonus points and associated discounts and freebies make
the opposite true. After all, taking a vacation without using at least some of your credit card airline
“miles” or hotel “points” seems more careless … (0 comments)

mission viejo real estate: Four Traits that Aid Mission Viejo Homebuyers - 04/03/17 09:44 AM
The Rorschach (or inkblot) test is the one where a psychologist shows you a series of pictures
that seem to be random black-and-white splatters. The shrink asks you what you think they look
like. What you “see” in the inkblots tells something about who you are—how you look at things.
If someone were to create a pack of inkblots to test for who would be best suited for the
tasks facing Mission Viejo homebuyers, they’d be designed to pinpoint character traits that come
in handy during a typical homebuyer’s quest. I don’t know how Dr. Rorschach came up with the
shapes he chose (what was he thinking?)—but … (0 comments)

mission viejo real estate: Pricing a Home in Mission Viejo from Both Sides Now - 04/02/17 08:42 AM
When it comes to the reality of pricing a home in Mission Viejo, it’s natural that buyer’s and
seller’s points of view reflect their different roles and objective. In a way, they are mirror images
of each another.
From the seller’s point of view, pricing their Mission Viejo home starts out from the reality
check of the “comps”—the prices registered in recent comparable neighborhood sales. From there,
the pricing decision revolves around the tradeoff between maximum asking price versus the desire
for a speedy sale. Even if there is no time pressure at all, serious sellers will still set the asking
price below a level that indicates disregard … (0 comments)

mission viejo real estate: As Consumer Confidence Builds, Mission Viejo Real Estate Gains - 04/02/17 08:28 AM
The attachment we build to the places where we live is an easy-to-understand human
emotion. Almost everyone who has ever moved away from a family home has experienced a sense
of loss that can be quite profound. But that’s only one of the emotional connections that come into
play where real estate is involved.
Even though we tend to think of such important decisions as buying and selling Mission
Viejo real estate in more hard-headed terms, a host of complicated human factors can play an
important role.
One of them is becoming more prominent—and is likely to grow more so as we advance
into Mission Viejo’s peak spring and … (1 comments)

mission viejo real estate: Future Mission Viejo Homeowners & Down Payment Misinformation - 03/08/17 06:13 AM
It turns out that the run of admirable national and Mission Viejo home sales advances have been pulled off despite a couple of strong countercurrents. At least that’s the theme that emerges from last month’s Aspiring Home Buyers Profile report, which supplied one obvious and one not-so-obvious widespread beliefs among would-be future homeowners.
Mission Viejo home buyers are always a mix of current homeowners (who will usually also be selling) and first-timers. Among the latter group, a major drag on their willingness and ability to invest in their own Mission Viejo home is the student debt phenomenon. Enough has been written about … (0 comments)

mission viejo real estate: Now Begins Official Mission Viejo Deck-Ponder Season - 02/27/17 06:01 AM
Checking the calendar, spring won’t officially kick off until March 20 when the celestial
equinox happens. That same Monday will also officially signal the start of Mission Viejo’s annual
real estate “hot” selling season. And although Major League Baseball’s first pitch won’t be hurled
until two more weeks have passed, March 20 will also coincide with what starts today—which I
designate as the kickoff to Mission Viejo’s Deck-Ponder Season (DPS).
Deck-Ponder Season is that period during which Mission Viejo’s homeowners (and even
some extremely conscientious renters) take a look outside and begin weighing alternative
strategies for dealing with the backyard deck. This is a period every year that … (0 comments)

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