top realtor in lake forest: Next for Lake Forest Trailblazers: Shipping Container Homes? - 05/15/17 12:30 PM
I don’t know about you, but when I used to hear the term “affordable housing” I’d think of
value-priced Lake Forest condominium listings, some of the nicer area mobile home parks, or
maybe fixer-uppers likely to be snatched up by professional house flippers (ultimately to become
slightly less affordable housing).
When I heard “affordable housing,” I did not think “packing crate.” Nor did I think,
“steamer trunk” or “storage unit.” That turns out to be entirely appropriate; nobody is volunteering
to live in those.
Where I missed the boat was that I did not think, “shipping container.”
But that was then—this, as they say, is now. Those simpler days … (0 comments)

top realtor in lake forest: Lake Forest Home Equity—a Perpetual Salary Machine - 05/15/17 12:11 PM
You might have had a science teacher who explained to the class why perpetual motion
machines aren’t possible. He would have had some common sense to back up his point
(everybody knows nothing lasts forever). But the actual scientific explanation had to do with
physics and Newton’s Laws: in the end, perpetual motion just isn’t in the cards.
When it comes to real estate, however, for a lot of happy residents, their Lake Forest home
equity comes awfully close to being a kind of perpetual income machine.
There may not be a Newton’s Law of Retirement Motion, but for anybody planning their
long-term future security, there should be. … (0 comments)

top realtor in lake forest: Rental Properties in Lake Forest and Some Magic Stagecraft - 04/02/17 08:46 AM
Striving to become a prudent person is a laudable goal—one usually only achieved after
impetuous youthful misadventures have taught the wisdom of prudence. Caution—particularly in
financial matters—may seem to be synonymous with prudence—but they aren’t always the same
thing. Especially when there are magicians at work.
An example of that can be found in the way most people think about Lake Forest rental
properties. There’s no sleight-of-hand from the landlord’s point of view: few would argue with the
proposition that rental properties are a prudent form of investment.
The now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t sorcery happens when the audience (in this case,
renters) view the same proposition: buying a home instead of … (0 comments)

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