facebook: So what’s a good Facebook Vanity URL? This is harder than picking out a tattoo. - 06/12/09 04:41 AM
I have a pretty simple blog post here. What’s a good Facebook vanity URL? We only have a couple days to decide but it’s sort of like getting a tattoo in that it’s permanent. Will your Facebook URL get saggy, wrinkly and hairy? Will you want to remove it with a laser when you get older?
Seriously what are you going to pick and why? Please post in comments below.
Don’t forget its FRIDAY at 11PM your time zone and not Saturday.
Crap I just realized that today is FRIDAY!!!!
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facebook: Serious about Facebook marketing? Check out Facebook analytics - 05/28/09 03:10 AM
I like analytics. I like everything about knowing exactly what people are doing on my websites and every other aspect of my marketing. I think its one of the most important things besides actually building the sites because if you dont know how effective certain aspects of your sites are then you dont know what to work on, what are the weak points etc.

A company today announced an analytics application that works with Facebook. It does not appear to be free but if you are serious about Facebook marketing this might be the thing for you.
Looking for … (5 comments)

facebook: Areps.at –- Fphacebook Fphishing Again… - 05/21/09 05:46 AM
There was just another huge phishing scheme on Facebook just this past week with the 151 (trust me you don’t want to drink that stuff) and now this week there is already another one. With popularity comes phishing attacks so this is no big surprise really but it’s important to stay on your toes as to what to look out for. You can check out this article for some of the nasty details. Like usual don’t give out your password and don’t type your password into any site unless you are absolutely 100% sure it’s Facebook!
Enjoy the clip J


facebook: Facebook launches new application directory - 05/20/09 05:12 AM
Today Facebook announced a huge overhaul to how their applications work. This looks pretty cool. I am sure you have had the same headaches trying to find applications for your Facebook but this seems to make it much easier. There are a lot of other details announced as well. Basically you can browse by categories and it’s just much easier finding applications that you would like to use.
If you want check out those links and you can watch the video below.
New Facebook Application Directory from Nick O'Neill on Vimeo.
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facebook: Log in to Facebook Using Your Gmail Account – Big News? - 05/18/09 10:25 AM
There has been a lot going on lately when it comes to openid and basically who controls your identity, accounts, passwords etc on the internet. If you think about it controlling this mess has always been one of the biggest gripes when it comes to social networking. I always hear “but how can you stay on top of it all” Well traditionally it has been rather tough or at least sort of a pain in the hiner. Everyone always says how there should be some universal login but everyone in the tech industry has always said this will never happen. Why … (0 comments)

facebook: Major FaceBook Fphishing Attack Going on - 05/16/09 11:35 AM
You might have seen this in the news lately and it’s really nothing new but FaceBook is under another attack where some group is phishing for passwords. You can read more about it here. When I say this is nothing new I mean that there is always something like this going on. Everyone always asks why anyone would do this but of course its money. I guess most people don’t realize that getting their hands on your FaceBook account might lead them to your bank account especially if you use the same password. There are a variety of other things that … (3 comments)

facebook: Facebook Goes SMS on Your Butts! - 05/05/09 03:32 AM
It was only a matter of time before Facebook really started with SMS. I don't know why there was a perception that somehow only Twitter could have this sort of functionality but really that's short sighted. Of course Facebook can add this and of course they were going to. You might say they were late to the starting block but they certainly showed up for the race. In a way it could be the tortoise and the hair since Facebook has an enourmous lead on Twitter regardless of the Oprah effect.
Anyways Facebook is adding some SMS functions and it looks … (6 comments)

facebook: Facebook Live in 10,9,8… - 05/05/09 03:11 AM
 A lot of people have made many comparisons to Twitter and Facebook but really the comparisons being made should be Friendfeed with everyone trying to copy what they do and trying to do it ASAP. Live searching is quickly becoming all the rave and everyone is trying to implement some variation of this. It’s simple really. Real time promises just that, real time. In this day and age seconds are like years and waiting for a slow clumsy search engine like Google to get around and index all the data, well simply put that *^#$ ain’t happenin’! People want to know … (0 comments)

facebook: Facebook hits 200 Million Faces--Is Your Face Found? - 04/08/09 04:28 AM
Facebook finally publicly admitted how many people are actually on Facebook. Many had been speculating how many users were on the site but I guess for whatever reason they have been keeping this a big secret. I suppose when you have so much at stake with advertising that you might want to wait until a certain moment to reveal just how big you are and I guess that moment is when you are a monster.
What this means of course is that Facebook is not merely a fad or going away anytime soon. I actually like some aspects of the … (11 comments)

facebook: Facebook: Your Privacy is now Your Option… Why Would you not Want Privacy? Read on… - 03/26/09 04:28 AM
For most people privacy is not only a concern it’s an absolute must. This is especially true when it comes to minors on the internet. Privacy matters as well when it comes to spam because in this day and age no one likes to give out emails because of the inevitable onslaught of spam that ensues afterwards.
While all the above is most certainly true you must be wondering why on earth anyone would want to give up all that privacy. Well for some of us we don’t want anything private. Every bit of information about us is shared on … (8 comments)

facebook: Facebook Connect For the I-Phone - 03/16/09 06:21 AM
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If you wonder why I keep writing so many posts about Facebook Connect it’s because everyone is talking about it and it’s probably the biggest thing to hit social networking all year. It’s certainly even bigger than all the changes on Facebook itself.
Well now Connect is coming to the I-Phone and I think this will be a big hit as well. I don’t own an I-Phone but a lot of people do and one thing for sure is that the 3G means connectivity and combine that with Facebook and you have … (1 comments)

facebook: Facebook Connect, Twitter, and TweetDeck Unite! - 03/16/09 06:03 AM
Looking for Eau Claire Homes For Sale?
Everyone has been talking about how important Facebook Connect is and with good reason. The API lets you do so much with Facebook that it’s a no brainer that this would spread like wildfire to other websites and apps. Who wouldn’t want to connect to perhaps the biggest social network there is? I did within 30 minutes of the news dropping and you can actually see it in action on my Eau Claire Real Estate website. In fact I already had one person comment as to how I did it.
Then you take Twitter’s … (1 comments)

facebook: The New Face of Facebook - 03/11/09 10:29 AM
Looking for Eau Claire Homes For Sale?

If you have been on Facebook in the past week you probably have seen the notice about changes coming. I wrote a post about some of the changes here. The hype has been huge and rightly so because now Facebook is a bit more like Twitter and hopefully it just adds a lot to functionality. If you want to see for yourself log into Facebook. I noticed that it still hasn’t rolled out to my area yet for whatever reason. I don’t know if I am in a different area or how it … (5 comments)

facebook: Facebook is Sticking a Fork in Twitter: It’s Done… - 03/04/09 08:30 AM
Facebook today announced a major overhaul of the site. Some of the new features a different way to integrate “pages” and removing the cap on being a fan. They are also adding many new Twitter-like features such as the ability to have one way friendships that is you can befriend someone without them being a friend back. The big news is also that they are streaming the chat in a different way to also be more like Twitter. So yes the talk is that Twitter might need a lifeline in order to stay useful so to speak. Critics would argue that … (19 comments)

facebook: A Quick and Simple way to add a FaceBook Badge to Your ActiveRain Profile - 02/28/09 05:15 AM
Ok someone was asking this and it seems like a lot of people are wondering how to do it so I thought I would do a quick post on how to do this. Maybe it’s been done but oh well…
Go to your FaceBook account and press the profile tab. On the bottom left is a simple text link that says “create a profile badge.” Press that. Now you should see this screen:
Play around and find what you like. Personally I like a simpler badge but these are easy and the code is easy. Once you are done … (2 comments)

facebook: A Reason to use Yahoo or a Reason to be on Facebook? - 02/27/09 05:06 AM
Yahoo recently did something pretty cool. That might sound strange to say because for the most part you can poke Yahoo with a stick when you compare it to Google. But Google and Facebook don’t get a long for the most part so this makes sense. What is it? Yahoo added Facebook  to their search results and now your face shows up if you use Facebook that is and of course they are looking for you or for some reason your profile just shows up in the search. That seems like a lot of ifs but you can see the results … (13 comments)

facebook: New and Improved Facebook “Pages” Coming Soon - 02/27/09 04:33 AM
I saw this article and thought I would share it with everyone. I like the idea of a streamlined approach. I find some of the different Facebook applications clumsy to use and the way pages currently work, it seems difficult to promote them within your profile. This new feature would be a tab and hopefully make it easier for your pages to be found. I am interested in this because I have not spent hours customizing my pages as it seems some people have. The fact that it takes so long to make the pages look good tells me they … (6 comments)

facebook: The Facebook Fiasco: Apparently it was Just not True or was it? - 02/22/09 12:08 PM
I am sure pretty much everyone involved with social media or even anyone remotely familiar with the internet heard about Facebook’s supposed change in their TOS. (Terms of Service) I purposely said supposed and italicized it because apparently it was just not true and not even slightly true. The fact is that absolutely nothing changed and it appears that the Consumerist was actually responsible for creating this rumor. Furthermore they never even contacted Facebook regarding the supposed changes.
When you are writing an article have you ever had a complete change of heart? You can see where I was … (3 comments)

facebook: FaceBook Connect for Your Website—Definite Must Have! - 02/19/09 02:44 PM
FaceBook just released a brand new widget that lets you integrate your website directly with FaceBook. I have been waiting for something to come out of their API for FaceBook connect for some time and this is definite progress. It’s not everything that I wanted but it’s pretty cool. If you want to see it in action check out my Eau Claire Real Estate website. So far I added a field that will appear in the middle and below on each page. Let me know what you think by dropping a comment. I’m not positive if I need to be approved … (17 comments)


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