technology: Bing – Not a Google Killer but maybe offers something else unique - 06/03/09 03:13 AM
There have been a few new search engines lately and all the hype in the world doesn’t seem to add up when the engine itself doesn’t really do much (wolfram Alpha for instance) it seems nearly impossible of a search engine to actually replace Google. There have been plenty of articles talking about this topic recently but it all boils down to what you like and I like Google. I know how it works and I know what results to expect. I tried Yahoo the other week when Google was down for a few hours and I didn’t like it. I … (10 comments)

technology: Looking for a new phone? Check out the Palm Pre - 05/28/09 03:13 AM
There is a new phone to compete with the Iphone. Its hard to say which is better, I guess honestly the Iphone still seems like the way to go especially since a new Iphone is coming out in a few days but the Palm Pre might appeal to you. I know a lot of people in the Tech World have been waiting anxiously to see what this thing could do.

Here is a link.
Looking for Eau Claire Homes For Sale?
Check out my Eau Claire Real Estate Agent Website! If you have something to say please leave a … (11 comments)

technology: Mobile Virtual Assistant? I guess there is an app for that… - 05/27/09 07:43 AM
Who doesn’t need a helping hand today? I know what it’s like running a business and still having time for... I don’t know breathing. Having time for much else is rather difficult and if you could have the burden of some tasks lifted from you even better. That’s why the idea of a virtual assistant sounds so great. You get someone to do all the stuff you don’t have time for and even better if it could follow you around all day long in your pocket huh?
Well there is a new IPhone app that promises to shake things up a … (0 comments)

technology: Multiply: A different sort of photo social network - 05/27/09 05:59 AM
I read this article last night and I had never heard of this site before. I am always one to try new things as you never know which ones will eventually be the most popular or heck I might even like a social network here or there. I know Tech Crunch is usually pickier about which ones they showcase after all there are a zillion of these things out there and it gets overwhelming quick. I am signed up for so many I can’t even keep track anymore.
Anyways the site looks pretty interesting especially if you are into sharing pictures. … (1 comments)

technology: BPA may be “leechier” than previously thought - 05/26/09 09:23 AM
I found this article over the weekend and it’s rather disturbing. I know there was a lot of hype over BPA and water bottles recently but it’s also found in a lot more places than that and it turns out it’s much easier to get into your body than previously thought. If it’s that bad for you or babies it’s hard to say at this point but the article points out that heating up baby bottles made of BPA could lead to even more BPA being released which could be really bad for infants. I don’t want to try to scare … (4 comments)

technology: Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is ready for Download - 05/26/09 09:07 AM
In case you haven’t seen the news SP2 is ready for Windows Vista. Every time a service pack is released it’s always a good thing. Generally it brings added functionality as well as security updates.
Some of the highlights that look interesting to me:
Added Bluetooth support Improved search Removed half open TCP limit (This always bothered me) You can find more information from Microsoft here.
You can download here:
32 bit
64 bit
I have not had a chance to try it out yet. I guess I could but I don’t feel like rebooting right now. I will … (4 comments)

technology: Why Business (and pleasure) Needs Cloud Computing for CMS (Contact Management Systems) - 05/22/09 05:45 AM
I have a need. Call me strange for having so many computers or computer like devices but I don’t think I am alone here. I need to get all my contacts, emails, etc all stored in a central place. Why? Because when disaster strikes what do you have left?
Yesterday my office computer broke. I don’t know how it happened and yes it’s under warranty but not having an office desktop sucks. I don’t mind working on my laptop and luckily I have one but it’s not the same as typing on a desktop. It also doesn’t have all the goodies … (5 comments)

technology: Craigslist Cilling Classic Classifieds - 05/22/09 05:17 AM
Craigslist is getting more and more popular as the classified section of choice for more people. It’s no wonder because it’s just better. The thing that newspapers had going for them was a monopoly. They were the only ones that could reach a large segment of the population. If you wanted an ad you paid for it. Gee I won’t miss that “business model” It’s a choke hold not a business model in case you missed my sarcasm. That’s why I am glad to see Craigslist bury newspapers. I am sick of monopolies. All they do is stifle competition and we … (9 comments)

technology: Turns out the possible cure for cancer is Down Syndrome - 05/22/09 04:57 AM
I saw this article last night and I was trying to be very careful with the title. I realize that cancer is a very serious thing and I know that almost every other day someone is trumpeting this or that as the next cure. I realize it’s not as simple as that and I am certainly not trying to get anyone’s hopes up. If anything this might be a long way off but it certainly does look like one of many new things that could be very promising. The premise of the story is that for years scientists have known there … (3 comments)

technology: Oil doesn’t just grow on trees… or does it? Oh wait it does! - 05/22/09 04:21 AM
I have always like science. I just find it interesting how advanced we are getting. Heck if we spent a little more on education who knows what we might be capable of. Every once in a while an article catches my eye and I just have to share it.
Today I came across this post that says basically they have found a cheap and easy way to convert biomass into plastics, fuels or what have you. Of course this is big news if the oil industry doesn’t buy out the patent and destroy it like they have with countless other technologies. … (5 comments)

technology: Looking for some sizzle in your “virtual tours”? Shock and Awe with Animoto and Photosynth - 05/22/09 03:01 AM
Recently I have been talking a lot about video. I like video. It’s a great format. It’s engaging. Everything about it is great. But making videos of listings is troublesome at best and a nightmare for most people. Editing raw video footage requires some computer processing power and it takes time. Even just putting some clips in order and making it look seamless isn’t as easy as it seems. But there are alternatives that are equally impressive.
I have two different applications that I have been working with lately that are just incredible. In the past I have used and … (5 comments)

technology: Apple to Compete with Netbooks – I-Tablet? - 05/21/09 05:35 AM
There were some rumors a while back when Apple was caught red handed ordering a bunch of screens. I came across this article and while it appears to be some more speculation it seems they have filled in some more details as well. I think it will be interesting to see Apple come out with a product in the $500-700 price point. This of course is an extremely competitive price for retailers and probably one of the main reasons for the popularity of Netbooks. Apple is known for quality products (which you pay through the teeth for) so I think a … (1 comments)

technology: How Much Traffic are Your Images Generating? Image Analytics! Wait did you just say generate traffic with images?!! - 05/21/09 04:52 AM
I don’t think many people realize the potential that images have for websites. Not only are images probably one of the most important things you can do to a website or blog to make it look more interesting (Aside from video perhaps) they can also get you traffic. An indirect method is to post them to different photography sharing sites such as Flickr or PhotoBucket but also to post the images to every other site you can think of. You can social network images as well by posting them to Facebook and places like that. To help you imagine what I … (4 comments)

technology: Everyone is Talking About Flickr but Have you Been to PhotoBucket Lately? - 05/21/09 04:23 AM
I know everyone talks about Flickr a lot. I guess it’s because it has some interesting social networking components built in. It’s also a high quality site for the most part. I personally don’t think much about them after a user simply reported my profile and had my account deleted at their whim. So maybe I have a personal vendetta against them. I have used PhotoBucket for several years and never had an issue so I went back to them full force.
But PhotoBucket has some neat stuff and I think not many people know about it. First of all PhotoBucket … (1 comments)

technology: Creating Videos for websites, blogs and what not... to do? - 05/19/09 06:34 AM
Video is all the rage of course but I think a lot of people find out when they go to create their first masterpiece it’s not as easy as it looks. I know because I have created quite a few videos and after the 23469th take in one afternoon and still not getting my voice inflections right or some other ridiculous part of making the clip I usually am about ready to just rip the camera off my monitor. Honestly there is just no easy way to do it. You can try creating multiple takes but then video editing is so … (9 comments)

technology: Apple coming to your local Wal-Mart? Better keep your eyes peeled! - 05/19/09 05:03 AM
I just spotted this rumor or speculation (depending on what you want to call it) that Wal-Mart might start selling Apple computers. Of course that would be big news and possibly drive the price down? (My own speculation)  According to the article Apple has had some great success selling I-accessories. Of course as the article also points out, the issue is whether the “high end” Apple as I am sure they would like to think of themselves, would want to be seen in the “low end” Wal-Mart’s.
This also comes as news surfaced the other day that Wal-Mart is … (1 comments)

technology: Want to be a Social Media Giant? You can do it easy with the right tool! - 05/19/09 04:53 AM
I often say this and it’s something I hear from almost anyone who wants to jump in the social networking pool, “I can’t keep up!”
That’s the real problem isn’t it? I mean how do you maintain 20+ accounts and still have a real life? I have seen the ugly side of people spending too much time networking online and trust me it’s not pretty…
But what if there was a tool that could do it all pretty easily?
Flock is a social web browser that is based on Firefox. You might have heard of it or … (5 comments)

technology: Like GPS? Could you learn to live without it again? This might happen… - 05/19/09 04:38 AM
For the most part GPS was a pretty new thing about 10 years ago or so. The units were expensive and seemed unnecessary for the most part. Sure people get lost navigating a new city but how often did this happen that you would spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to avoid it when a $3 map would probably do the trick. Well the technology got cheaper and it got smaller and better. Now GPS units are in phones and almost everywhere but what would happen if this technology suddenly broke down? Well it turns out that’s a very real … (2 comments)

technology: Craig’s List Escort Services Heating up… - 05/18/09 07:01 AM
If you haven’t seen some of the headlines lately about Craig’s list you can check out some of the recent stories. Basically a few bad apples looking to capitalize on a hot button issue are singling out Craig’s list and trying rather forcing them to remove escort services or any other sections that the morality police deem inappropriate. Not only should Craig’s list not have to do this since they are just a service and not any sort of moral police but several parties have pointed out that they are just going after Craig’s list because they know it has a … (1 comments)

technology: Hackers Breach Their own “Rules” and Take out a Game Community - 05/18/09 04:48 AM
This one really bugs me. First of all let me step back for a moment and talk about the hacking community in general. There are two types for the most part, for profit and the ones that are still trying to unlock whether or not aliens landed or if we landed on the moon. Now the latter is generally harmless. They might do something prankish here or there such as the Palin incident but for the most part it’s nothing malicious. They aren’t stealing your pin number and it’s more or less a game. Then there are the ones where they … (6 comments)


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