websites: Your website might have been hacked – 40,000+ sites affected - 06/03/09 02:17 AM
Yup those hackers are at it again and it appears that 40,000+ sites have been hacked. The article has all the details as to how they did it. The problem when these types of attacks occur is that it’s not always easy to spot the hack. In this case people coming to your site are redirected to several other sites. You should go to your site now to see if that is the case. IF you ever see anything that seems fishy it’s better to play it safe, after all people rely on your site as a safe place to be … (5 comments)

websites: 14 Rules for Faster Loading Web Sites - 03/12/09 04:50 AM
Looking for Eau Claire Homes For Sale?
Ok everyone hates junky slow sites. I mean come on. I have a 10mbit connection at home and some websites take several minutes to load I can’t even begin to imagine what hell this might be like if you are on dialup. So if you haven’t heard this before then you are hearing it for the first time but it’s been said a million times… (Sorry for shouting)
Get rid of your widgets!!!!!!!!!!!
Get rid of the ridiculous backgrounds and images!!!!!!
Not unless you know how to optimize this … (6 comments)

websites: How to Social Network Your Website--Viral Websites? Oh Yeah! - 02/28/09 06:14 AM
There is a lot of talk about SEO and how that can drive traffic to your website. There is also a lot of talk about blogging and social networking such as using Digg for your articles all in the hopes that somehow something that you write will go viral. But what about making your website go viral?
Ok well that’s probably not going to happen. I mean really I don’t think the kids are going to find my Eau Claire real estate website that exciting and adults aren’t probably going to spread the link love or even forward your site to … (10 comments)

websites: Want More Visitors to Your Site? Uggh! Why don’t you Want Re-Visitors? Part 2 - 02/28/09 05:47 AM
Check out the first part in this series here. All the talk is about SEO these days that is if you have a website and you want more visitors. But the thing I never see anyone talking about these days is getting Re-Visitors. Whaaat? Think about this for a minute, SEO is all about driving traffic to your site. That’s important I won’t lie. Without traffic your site isn’t really doing much. So you work on SEO and you bust your buns trying everything under the sun to get people there. Then the SEO gurus preach content, content, content and more … (3 comments)

websites: Want More Visitors to Your Site? Uggh! Why don’t you Want Re-Visitors? - 02/28/09 05:06 AM
With all the SEO talk lately I rarely see a post that gets back to the basics of web design and the old but true ways of making your site “sticky.” Almost all the talk is of how to get more traffic and many articles talk about content and how important content is to keeping your visitors on your site, they rarely focus on how to get them to come back. I mean if you are doing all that work to get them there in the first place to me it seems illogical not to mention ways to get them to … (1 comments)

websites: Sites and Sounds: Websites of Real Estate Interest in Eau Claire Wisconsin - 07/31/08 06:53 AM

What online real estate websites are people in the Eau Claire/Chippewa Valley area using for information (non real estate company owned)? What impact could localism have on our area ( Are people aware of this site? If information was put together for people in our area could it work for your needs? Would you contribute? Let's make a list of sites that work for our area.
As soon as this site goes online I would like to see what it has to offer for us, the people living in the Chippewa Valley. Let me know what you think and … (0 comments)


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