warner: Lake Sunapee Region '08 Market Snapshot - 01/30/09 07:05 AM
2009 is off to a great start! The ski area has had a lot of traffic and our office has been quite busy during what is typically a slower part of the year. One thing that I believe is really just starting to help our economy is how low interest rates are. I’m looking at refinancing and I should be able to get around 4.5-4.7% which will save me well over $200 a month!
Housing prediction–First off it would absolutely rock to have a crystal ball that told me everything, however the following is my best assumption of what the next … (0 comments)

warner: December 2008 Sales - 01/15/09 02:24 AM
Happy New Year! Hard to believe it’s already here.  I will be brief this time around as I will be posting a year in review entry with all sorts of info looking back at historical sales, charts, graphs, etc. I’m even going to make a few predictions for what the future holds! Below is my typical run down of monthly sales. As you will see, this December actually had more sales than the previous 2 years. Rather nice to end the year with some slightly positive stats.

Historical Sales For Our 16 Local Towns January 2006-23 Sales January 2007-29 Sales … (0 comments)

warner: November 2008 Sales - 12/07/08 10:32 PM
Man oh man is the world getting crazy! I did a quick scan of my igoogle news today and it looks like pirates are running rampant attacking cruise liners! Apparently there's going to be a Nuclear Attack at some point in the next few years, and surprise surprise, the U.S is in a recession! With all this negative news I sure am glad ski season is here.  It's absolutely the best way to get away from it all and make some good turns on the slopes. At the moment Mount Sunapee is open with 15 trails and 5 lifts on 18" … (0 comments)

warner: Major Expansion! Interview with New London Hospital CEO Bruce King - 12/03/08 02:22 AM
I've had the opportunity to meet with Bruce on many different occasions. The one thing that really stands out about him is his easy going nature and the fact that he will make time to meet with anyone who would like to learn more about what is happening at the New London Hospital.
With the the major expansion of the hospital space, I decided to interview Bruce and try to get a quick snap shot on the affects of the new hospital space and what that means for everyone in the community.
Due to the expansion are hospital rates/fees increasing? Each … (1 comments)

warner: October 2008 Sales - 11/10/08 04:54 AM
If you follow all the latest the headlines, you probably feel like you should be living in a cave hoarding what money you have and waiting for the economic chaos to blow over! I meet people on a daily basis and when they find out I’m in Real Estate, I constantly get this response “Whoa, how are you doing?” Tons of genuine concern on their face.  I can understand and appreciate their concern, but contrary to popular belief, not everyone is closing up shop. Properties are still selling and people are still buying. Also, there are some fantastic deals out … (0 comments)

warner: September 2008 Sales - 10/07/08 02:11 AM
It certainly has been an interesting month with all the bailout news and it's affect on Wall Street, creating insane drops in the stock market...You'd think that everything real estate wise would come to a screeching halt and we'd all be out washing windows for extra $$! Well times are definitely uncertain, but banks are still lending and people are still buying and listing their homes. I have a closing coming up in 2 weeks that is through Bank of America and they've assured us there is nothing to worry about.  I've also had a few closings with Sugar River Bank … (0 comments)

warner: August 2008 Sales - 09/09/08 05:45 AM
Hard to imagine another month has flown by and we'll be stepping into Fall before we know it....Ok, here's the down and dirty on the past month.....looks like we're back to being 20 some odd sales behind previous years at this time frame. Although 57 listings went under agreement this past month and as usual, the office has been extremely busy. Recently I was setting up a full day of showings and 3 of the listings went under agreement before we even got a chance to see them! Also the weather has been absolutely fantastic so I think more people are making the drive … (0 comments)

warner: You sold your land for what?@$%&! - 09/07/08 02:19 AM
As we are fast approaching Fall, I thought it would be good to do a quick run down on what has sold for land year-to-date in the 16 towns that make up the Sunapee Region. As you will see below I have compared it to previous years and provided sale price, acreage and location information for what has sold this year. The chart I put together is great as you can see how the average sales price has more than doubled in the past 7years. Also the transaction count has has gone down significantly which I believe is part because of … (0 comments)

warner: July 2008 Sales - 08/04/08 06:28 AM
To me, this past month in our area seemed to be quite busy. The other agents in my office as well as myself have been running around like crazy on showings, wrapping up sales and getting ready to put some new listings on the market. Don't get me wrong, like everywhere else we've been affected by this crazy economy, but things are still happening and there are deals out there. In July, I had 2 deals where there were actually multiple offers on the same property! One of them, my buyers stepped up and paid a bit more to get their … (0 comments)

warner: June 2008 Sales - 07/03/08 01:48 AM
Summer is finally here and the 4th of July is getting ready to take off! It's amazing how fast time flies. The following link will take you to all the different firework events that are happening for the holiday http://www.newhampshire.com/fourthofjuly/fireworks.aspx
There are a total 57 Listings in our area that are currently under agreement, 39 of which went under agreement this June.
Historical Sales For Our 16 Local Towns
January 2006—23 Sales January 2007—29 Sales January 2008—27 Sales February 2006—26 Sales February 2007—30 Sales February 2008—25 Sales March 2006—35 Sales March 2007—38 Sales March 2008—17 Sales April 2006—46 Sales April 2007—28 … (0 comments)

warner: May 2008 Sales - 06/20/08 01:39 AM
Now that we are past Memorial Day, summer has kicked off in full swing in the Sunapee area (regardless of prices we are seeing at the pump). Golf tournaments are dominating the country club scene, local theaters have opened their doors for summer productions, road races and rallies are defying the black fly season and art lovers are making their way around to the local galleries. The Sunapee region has truly embraced the start of the season, for a calendar of the ongoing activities you may want to check out the Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce calendar Here as well … (0 comments)

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