oklahoma city history: Park Avenue | Oklahoma City Historical Postcards - 01/28/11 02:03 AM

From my Oklahoma City postcard collection…
I’m guessing this is a 1960’s vintage card. Here’s how the scene looks today.

New to this picture are the new Ronald J Norick Downtown Library (front right), the Oklahoma Tower (just behind the library)
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oklahoma city history: Skirvin Hotel | Oklahoma City Historical Postcards - 01/13/11 09:31 AM

From my Oklahoma City postcard collection…
From the cars in the photo, it appears this was taken in the early 1960’s.
The Skirvin Hotel – From Wikipedia… History First opened in 1911, the Skirvin Hotel contained 224 rooms in a ten-story two-winged tower. A third 12-story wing was added in 1925, and then in 1929–30 all three wings were leveled off to 14 floors with a total of 525 rooms. The hotel is named for its founder, William Balser "Bill" Skirvin, whose daughter, Perle Mesta, became the ambassador to Luxembourg under Harry Truman.
Haunting Rumors of a haunting in … (0 comments)

oklahoma city history: Ramsey Building | First National Bank Building Oklahoma City OK Historical Postcards - 10/19/10 10:06 AM

From my Oklahoma City postcard collection…
In 1930 the ‘great race’ began. Construction began on both the Ramsey Tower and the First National Bank Building. Two buildings to change the Oklahoma City skyline. The race was to see which building could be completed first. The Ramsey Building barely won. Both buildings have the same number of stories but the First National Bank Building became the signature building on the skyline. It is similar architecturally to the Empire State Building.
Today, the Ramsey Building is called City Place. The First National Bank went bankrupt in 1985.
The First … (0 comments)

oklahoma city history: Main & Robinson | Oklahoma City Historical Postcards - 10/03/10 02:28 PM

From my Oklahoma City postcard collection…
This postcard is from 1957 showing Main Street looking west. The intersection is at Robinson. This is how I remember downtown as a kid. Particularly Katz Drug and John A Browns seen in this photo. This is also ground zero for the Urban Renewal project.
Take a look at this same intersection today…

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oklahoma city history: City Hall, Guthrie Oklahoma | Oklahoma City Historical Postcards - 09/29/10 12:05 PM

From my Oklahoma City postcard collection…
Guthrie is a part of the Oklahoma City metro area of Oklahoma known for its nineteenth and twentieth century architecture and as the first capital of Oklahoma. Major attractions include The Masonic Temple and The Guthrie Historic District. Each year in October enjoy the Art and Wine Festival and the Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival. Among the biggest companies in Guthrie are Guthrie News and Pollard Theatre. The biggest school is Guthrie High School. One of the best places to visit when you are in Guthrie is Oklahoma Territorial Museum and Carnegie Library. Twister and … (0 comments)

oklahoma city history: The Municipal Building — Oklahoma City Historical Postcards - 09/26/10 11:45 AM

From my Oklahoma City postcard collection…
The Municipal Building, also known as City Hall, was a part of the overall Civic Center development.  It was built in 1936. The Municipal Building was built at a cost of $600,000. This is the core location of much of Oklahoma City’s government, housing the mayor, city clerk, city treasurer, city attorney and numerous city related services.
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oklahoma city history: Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheater — Oklahoma City Historical Postcards - 09/24/10 06:30 AM

From my Oklahoma City postcard collection…
History The Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheater was the first and principal structure built in Oklahoma City by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It was established to provide jobs for economic recovery during the depression. It was constructed from native sandstone during 1935 and 1936, with workers camping near the park. The first performance was "The Circus of 21 Death-Defying Acts". Other events have included an Annual Easter Pageant, concerts, dance programs, plays, and public meetings. The Amphitheater fell into disrepair in the 1960's, but restoration efforts began in the late 1970's. The Zoo Amphitheatre has … (0 comments)

oklahoma city history: Walter E. Allen Chrysler-Plymouth | Oklahoma City Historical Postcards - 09/18/10 08:01 AM

From my Oklahoma City postcard collection…
Walter E Allen moved from Detroit to Oklahoma City in early 1940. He had purchased the Chrysler and Plymouth distributorship for central and western Oklahoma. He operated out of this location at 13th and Harvey from 1946 through 1955. He retired in 1955 and moved to Florida.
I know that in 1956 this building became a Chevrolet dealership and I still remember going there to see the new 1958 Chevrolets!
And here is the building today, housing Able Rents and Sales.

oklahoma city history: Main & Robinson — Oklahoma City Historical Postcards - 09/05/10 10:17 AM

From my Oklahoma City postcard collection…
This photo is from the early 1950’s and is at Main Street on Robinson looking south. I remember Katz Drugstore there on the corner as it was a great place to go in for a cold drink when I was downtown.
Katz Drugstore gained fame in 1958 when it was the site of Clara Luper’s civil rights sit-in – one of the first in the country.
The State Theater is seen here and discussed in a previous post. The only building still standing today is the Colcord Building seen at the back right … (1 comments)

oklahoma city history: Santa Fe Depot — Oklahoma Historic Postcards - 08/29/10 03:36 AM

From my Oklahoma City postcard collection…
Just east of the Ford Center at the entry to Bricktown is the Santa Fe Depot. This is a magnificent art deco building is from the late 30’s. It’s still used today for Amtrak’s Heartland Flyer. It has also been restored and used for events such as a wedding reception I attended there.
As a small child I remember going there to catch the train to Houston to visit my aunt. It was a bustling place back then, and of course seemed gigantic to me. The train stopped running sometime during the 60’s or … (2 comments)

oklahoma city history: Robinson Street — Oklahoma City Historic Postcards - 08/28/10 08:26 AM

One of my hobbies is collecting historical postcards of Oklahoma City. I’ve wanted to include in the blog, images from my collection and perhaps add my own thoughts.
Today’s postcard is an artists rendering of North Robinson Street looking north from Sheridan. This is from the 1940’s. If you were the photographer here, the Cox Convention Center would be off your right shoulder and Myriad Gardens off your left. The building shown at the left is the Colcord Building, and the building on the right is now the Sheraton Century Center parking garage. This, to me, is one of the … (0 comments)

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