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My blog is packed full of home inspection related articles that are useful for homeowners, Buyers, Sellers, and real estate agents. I also post interesting inspection pics regularly as I run across something on my inspections that peak my interest. Enjoy!



Recently I conducted an inspection on a 4 year old house that was built by a tract builder.  I truly felt sorry for the Sellers when I finished.  This house looked cosmetically in tip-top shape.  They had done a great job in maintaining it.  Had they had a good inspection prior to closing on thei...
It's very common to find a window in the surround of the tub/shower in older homes.  As a safety issue, I will point the window out if it's not tempered glass.  The reason is somebody can accidentally put their elbow through it and have large pieces of glass on them.  If the glass is replaced wit...
There was an opening in the side of this sub-box that screamed "move-in ready" to some mice in a Herman, Nebraska home.  At this point in my career I've lost count how many dead mice I've found fried in panel boxes.  Eventually, they start to smell;-) for more fun pi...
There are very few driveways installed properly in the Omaha Metro...and that especially includes new construction!  Minimum concrete depth of a driveway is 3.5".  At the approach, minimum concrete thickness is 5.5".  Expansion joints need to be installed at the street (or 8' in from the street),...
Below is a prime example of what wind can do along the eave of a home when the Builder doesn't install batt insulation along the eaves.  This home is a high-end custom built home in West Omaha.  As you can see, the loose blown insulation has been blown back leaving the ceiling over this bedroom e...
Recently, I conducted an inspection on a large custom built 2-story home built in 1998 in Omaha.  The inspection took 5+ hours.  It took a while because the house had a lot to offer.  But it also took extra time because the Seller was covering things up and I had to keep back-tracking to uncover ...
This South Omaha home has new vinyl siding, new vinyl windows, and a new roof.  HOWEVER, the vinyl siding isn't flashed properly or finished in some areas, you can see straight through the walls because the windows aren't installed right, and the new shingles are covering a rotted AND sagging roo...
This charming home in South Omaha even comes with quite a bit of contaminated soil.  The previous genius homeowner changed the oil in his cars and drained the oil into a hole in the ground in the garage.  Now that the Listing Agent has become aware, I'll be curious to see if that little factoid i...
In the Omaha Metro, most turn of the century homes don't have insulation in the exterior walls unless a company has come through and blown in Cellulose insulation.  To find out, simply remove an outlet or switch plate cover on an exterior wall and look.  If you don't see any insulation, there's y...

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