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My blog is packed full of home inspection related articles that are useful for homeowners, Buyers, Sellers, and real estate agents. I also post interesting inspection pics regularly as I run across something on my inspections that peak my interest. Enjoy!



These 3 photos were taken in a home inspection I conducted in Omaha, Nebraska recently.  The windows have a manufacturer's defect.  The dual-pane seals were compromised in over half of the windows in the home.  The home was only 5 years old.  Notice the chunks piled up in the bottom corners of th...
The main goal of any roof covering is to shed water.  With rolled roofing, you want to install it parallel to the eave overlapping as you go up.  Most manufacturers require you to overlap at least 3".  This hip roof on an addition located in Omaha, Nebraska has the rolled roofing installed vertic...
I inspected a 7,000+ s.f. church that was built roughly in the 1920's in North Omaha last week.  This place was spectacular to explore, BUT a true challenge to inspect!  As I was getting a tour by a church member, he opened up a door in the basement with storage stacked in front of it.  The door ...
The manufacturers make anti-tip brackets for a reason.  If a curous child opens up the oven door and stands on it, there is a chance that the oven can tip over onto them.  We've all seen ovens that were loose and others that were jammed so tightly into the countertop opening that even a 300 lb ad...
I ran across this improperly installed water heater B-vent flue stack 2 days ago on a commerial inspection in north Omaha.  The B-vent was touching the deck and was venting out only 5' high...instead of above the roof line.  And no, there was no power vent on it.   For more home inspection relate...
It's mid-February and we've went from -10 degrees with windchills of -20 to -30 last week to hitting the 60's this week.  That surge in warm weather has turned the switch 'ON' in the Omaha real estate market.  I started Monday booking every time slot for the rest of the week!  It's a great feelin...
This driveway in Blair, Nebraska was buckled up about 2 1/2" where it met the garage floor.  There was evidence that appeared to be from street creep, but the street was asphalt...not concrete which left me mistified as to if this could really be the cause.  There was minor movement in the founda...
This is a picture of a damaged garage door spring in Blair, Nebraska.  Notice also that they are missing their safety cables.  If somebody were in the path of this door spring when it breaks, it can cause somebody some serious bodily harm! For more homeowner tips, check out our website: www.omaha...
This photo is of the top of the main panel box in a lake home in Fremont, Nebraska.  Notice the multi-strand aluminum ground wire is cut off just inside the main panel.  This was running to the electric oven/stove...meaning there is no ground protection to it!  Anybody that touches the stove duri...
I was recently called in to inspect this foreclosure in Bellevue, Nebraska.  My investor client had went through the house numerous times and had written down a pretty lengthy list of repairs that he was aware of.  He is a very meticulous person and doesn't just jump into any property.  He does h...

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