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If you are interested in buying foreclosures, consider first pre-foreclosures. They present all the rewards and none of the risks. My advice, hire a Realtor that will represent you as a buyers agent (Mostly Buyer Agents do not charge you for services, the fee’s are passed along to the seller).  B...
Is there a right of redemption in Rhode Island?Generally No. In a non-judicial foreclosure Rhode Island has no post sale general statutory right of redemption, which allows a party whose property has been foreclosed to reclaim that property by making payment in full of the sum of the unpaid loan ...
Deed-in Lieu of Foreclosure is, in effect, giving your property to your lender in exchange for cancellation of your mortgage.  It is sometimes also referred to as “Cash for Keys”. In a recent policy statement (MORTGAGEE LETTER 2002-13) HUD authorized lenders to pay FHA borrowers up to $1000.00 f...
Buying a Foreclosure Home at Auction Buying a foreclosure home at its courthouse auction is the second opportunity you have in the foreclosure process. Like most other auctions, you’re just as likely to get an amazing bargain as the excitement of the auction may drive up the purchase price. Fore...

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