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The ability to re-template a file is a great feature.  If you open a file withing SureClose and later realize that you have created it using an incorrect template, you can re-template your existing file with the correct template without having to delete your file and start over.  Keep in mind tha...
When using the Chop feature to file documents, if you choose to file your document in a placeholder that already contains a document, one of the options that you have is to replace the existing document with the new one.  BE AWARE: Choosing this option is just like pulling the original document o...
If you are taking advantage of the auto-notification feature in SureClose, you will want to read this very important tip.  When notifications are established on the template level, they are assigned to the recipient role.  When a file is created and the contact that is filling that role within th...
One of the most frequent questions I am asked is, "Can I access SureClose on my smart phone?".  The quick and easy answer would be, "no", but lets explore this for a moment.  What kind of access would be most beneficial on your phone?  You've got a pretty small screen that you are dealing with.  ...
Alert, alert, this is definitely worth your attention!  Be on the lookout for our new and improved print driver.  If you have used our existing print driver in the past, you will be excited with the features this upgraded version has to offer.  If you haven't seen or used our print driver in the ...

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