sureclose: Have you looked at SureClose for managing your online transactions? - 05/24/10 04:54 AM
Are you still wondering what transaction management is or how it can help you?  With the help of our customers, the SureClose realty team recently created our latest video overview to help you gain some insight.  We are so appreciative of the wonderful things our customers have to say about SureClose and we are thrilled with how SureClose has helped them in their business.  Please be sure to check out our latest video and then explore our YouTube channel and our media webpage.
Managing your transactions online can help you in so many ways:
Reduce your expenses on paper and equipment Increase your … (1 comments)

sureclose: SureClose and IRES MLS Partnership is underway - 02/04/10 07:20 AM
Our first round of IRES MLS subscribers are going live on SureClose today.  We've successfully completed the first round of basic training conducted by the IRES team, and they did a super job!  The designated Site Admins for each of the brokerages that have signed up for SureClose are completing their Admin training today.
It is so exciting to work with these brokerages and to work with the amazing team at IRES. 
Lew Kingdom is the Managing Broker at Wright Kingdom Real Estate in Boulder, CO.  He has a lot to share with other IRES MLS subscribers regarding his decision to … (1 comments)

sureclose: Be a part of the IRES MLS and SureClose partnership - 02/01/10 05:57 AM
Over time, valuable tools have come together to form great combinations. 
What would you do with nails if you didn't have a hammer?   
    How could you use thread without a needle? 
How useful could your computer be without a keyboard?       
Another great combination has been formed that will make history in 2010...
SureClose® and IRES MLS

The teams at IRES and SureClose have been working hard to put together a solid training curriculum and incredible savings opportunity for IRES subscribers who want to utilize SureClose as their paperless file management system.  With the input from a … (1 comments)

sureclose: Finally! See the mobile advantage that is coming soon!! - 12/02/09 05:33 AM
Want to access documents while your at the property? Want to see details and updates of your transaction while your meeting with your clients? Want to be up to date on your deals even while your driving around town? Well, soon there will be an app for that! SureClose® is bringing you the very best in mobile transaction management for 2010.
We couldn't be more excited about the upcoming release of our iphone app for SureClose.  Finally, there is going to be true mobile access designed with the agent's needs out in the field in mind.  Here is a link to … (14 comments)

sureclose: SureClose has a new media web page that you will want to see - 11/19/09 11:39 PM
We are so excited to show off our newest addition to our website:  We launched this page last week as we kicked off our presence at the NAR Conference & Expo.  There is so much information here that you could probably find out everything you ever wanted to know about SureClose from this page.
First and foremost, we've included several of our customer testimonial videos.  I think the best way to learn about a product and whether or not it will work for you is to hear what other users have to say about it and how it has helped … (2 comments)

sureclose: SureClose and IRES, LLC look forward to a great partnership - 11/18/09 01:25 AM
PropertyInfo Corporation and IRES, LLC are partnering to create an MLS-wide deployment of SureClose® transaction management system to benefit Colorado subscribers.
We are excited about this partnership and are looking forward to a successful deployment.  This is a big step for Colorado, and a great addition to what IRES is already offering its subscribers.  To see the full press release from Stewart Information Services Corp., you can click on this link. 
If you have questions about this deployment, you can comment here or email me directly.

sureclose: The SureClose Team Loves Our Customers! - 11/10/09 05:18 AM
About a week ago, I called several of our customers and asked them if they would record a few comments about their experience with SureClose and send me the video.  I am still overwhelmed by the responses!  These are NOT actors, we did not prepare a script or tell them what to say, we did not offer them compensation...These are actual SureClose customers, and they are THE BEST!!!!
Here is a link so you can check out what other REALTORS®, Brokers, and Transaction Coordinators have to say about SureClose.
If you are going to be at NAR this weekend and would … (3 comments)

sureclose: Transaction Management Adoption Study proves to be highly informative - 10/09/09 03:11 AM
WAV Group published their 2009 TM Adoption Study this week.  It was a very thorough review of the trends in functionality and usability of existing transaction management systems, and surveyed REALTOR® perceptions and expectations of those systems.  The SureClose® team is proud to have participated in the compilation of information used in this report. 
It is promising to see a growing trend in transaction management and technology, in general.  We are proud to be a part of that trend, and are happy to have the opportunity to educate and assist real estate brokers and agents in improving their business.
We've actually been … (1 comments)

sureclose: Reminder: SureClose Realty User Group Meets Today - 03/18/09 12:53 AM

This is a reminder to all of our SureClose users:  Our monthly SureClose Realty User Group meeting is today, Wednesday, March 18th at 1:00 p.m. CST.  
You won't want to miss this month's meeting!!  We'll be covering:
How SureClose can help you with your short sale transactions A preview of our new SureClose Advantage User Interface Our recently launched online web forum for SureClose users All SureClose users are welcome to attend and participate in our monthly  meetings.  So, please be sure to share this invitation with the SureClose users in your company.  Registration is required.  Please click on the link … (3 comments)

sureclose: Free Real Estate Webinar: Going Paperless...Are You Ready? - 03/04/09 12:29 AM

You are invited to join us for the next webinar in our Real Estate Broker Webcast Series.  In just 45 minutes, discover the benefits of paperless real estate, identify the necessary steps to becoming paperless, and determine whether or not becoming paperless fits within your current business plans and practices.
Join us on Wednesday, March 11, 2009, at 1:00 p.m. CST for a FREE, Live Webcast.
"Going Paperless...Are You Ready?"
Discussion Topics include:
Benefits to being paperless Steps to being paperless Essential hardware Essential software  
Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about paperless real estate.


sureclose: Are you wondering what TM is and what it can do for you? - 02/27/09 12:33 AM
I've been knee deep in transaction management systems since 2001, but many agents are still just exploring the possibilities and weighing the options.  So, we have designed an informational portal through Webex with both documents and video to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about TM.
We invite you to explore this web portal by clicking here.  We hope this will give you some insight into the realm of TM and how it can benefit your real estate business.  We're proud of our transaction management system, SureClose and we're happy to answer your questions.

sureclose: SureClose has a new interactive web forum for our realty users - 02/26/09 07:00 AM
Because we want to make sure that our users have the very best support possible, the SureClose Team is proud to announce the release of our new interactive web forum for SureClose Users!  This web forum has been designed to provide our users with the very latest information and updates.  Whether you are looking for general information, answers to specific questions, or a schedule of our upcoming events this is where you'll find it.  The best part about this forum is that it is interactive.  We are personally inviting our users to submit contributions.  As it grows, this forum will be an excellent resource … (4 comments)

sureclose: Your Title Company Can Not Post Your Listing Disclosures Online, But Now YOU Can! - 02/18/09 12:51 PM

Due to California's passing of SB133, all title companies are prohibited from providing any kind of service that involves posting your listing disclosures online.  PropertyInfo Corp. is proud to offer the legal solution for agents to post disclosures & reports for your listings online for convenient access and maximum visibility. powered by SureClose Public Disclosures allows public viewing access to the property disclosures and reports for your Active Listings.  When you purchase SureClose Public Disclosures, you are providing your sellers' with an opportunity to maximize visibility of their property disclosures while adding convenience to all interested parties with online viewing … (4 comments)

sureclose: Don't miss your 2nd chance to attend the SureClose Realty User Group - 11/21/08 01:02 AM
SureClose Realty User Group
Repeat Performance
Due to an overwhelming number of attendees, many of our customers were unable to secure a login to our monthly user group meeting.  Because we want all of our customers to have the opportunity to attend, we have decided to repeat our meeting on Tuesday, November 25th at 1:00pm CST.
As always, we look forward to the opportunity to connect with our customers and provide them with information and feature benefits of SureClose.  We value you as our customer and hope that we can assist you in taking the greatest advantage of SureClose in your daily business. 
In our … (1 comments)

sureclose: SureClose Helpful Hint for Today (HTML editor for Task Notifications) - 09/22/08 07:14 AM
Let's start with the most obvious question today.  Did you know that SureClose has an HTML editor for notifications?  There are many options to choose from for messages and notifications that can be found in the Notification Messages section on your SureClose Admin page.

The choices that include the HTML editor option are:  Scheduled Reminder Message, Task Notify, Document Auto-Filed Notification, Document Completed Notification, Document Filed Notification, eSignature Opt-In Notification, eSignature Opt-Out Notification, Export Expired Message, Export Warning Message, Failure to Dispatch Auto-Notification or Scheduled Reminder, New File Notification, New User Notification, Task Completed Notification, Task Deadline Reached Notification, and … (0 comments)

sureclose: Even Hurricane Ike can't stop us - 09/15/08 01:36 AM
I am constantly asked about the security and stability of SureClose.  Of course this should be a concern.  These real estate transactions are your business, your livelihood.  Well for those of you that don't know, our headquarters are in Houston.  Needless to say, Friday night was rough to say the least.  Hurricane Ike plowed right over our Houston campus.
On Thursday afternoon, we secured our offices in preparation for the worst.  Monitors and equipment were moved to center rooms and under desks.  Papers and loose articles were locked away in drawers and cabinets.  … (9 comments)

sureclose: SureClose Helpful Hint for Today (Online Document Review) - 09/02/08 07:00 AM
We've got a great new feature coming out this week that I think a lot of users will be excited about.  How would you like to be able to review your purchase documents, inspection reports, seller disclosures, or any other documents that need your review online without the need for any additional hardware or software?  Well, starting September 5th, SureClose will enable you to do just that!  Here is how the document review feature will look:
First, Identify the document that you want to review.  In this case, we are going to choose to review the Purchase Agreement to fulfill the Broker's review … (4 comments)

sureclose: SureClose Helpful Hint for Today (Re-templating) - 07/30/08 02:24 AM
The ability to re-template a file is a great feature.  If you open a file withing SureClose and later realize that you have created it using an incorrect template, you can re-template your existing file with the correct template without having to delete your file and start over.  Keep in mind that re-templating is like wiping the slate clean and starting over, so any stored information in the section of your file that you decide to re-template will be lost.
Here are a few important specifics to be aware of when re-templating:
If you choose to re-template your document page, any documents that … (2 comments)

sureclose: SureClose Helpful Hint for Today (Beware of Deleting Roles with Auto-Notifications) - 07/18/08 08:04 AM
If you are taking advantage of the auto-notification feature in SureClose, you will want to read this very important tip.  When notifications are established on the template level, they are assigned to the recipient role.  When a file is created and the contact that is filling that role within the transaction is added, the system then attaches those notifications to the appropriate contact.  If that contact is deleted from the file thereby deleting the role, the notifications will be cancelled.  Now, if you add a new contact to that role, they will not receive notifications.  Why?  Well, the damage has already … (1 comments)

sureclose: SureClose Helpful Hint for Today (Sending Text Messages from SureClose) - 07/17/08 07:03 AM
One of the most frequent questions I am asked is, "Can I access SureClose on my smart phone?".  The quick and easy answer would be, "no", but lets explore this for a moment.  What kind of access would be most beneficial on your phone?  You've got a pretty small screen that you are dealing with.  Would you really want to try and login and navigate through the whole transaction management platform on your phone?  How would you even be able to see documents effectively?  I would think that what you really want and need while out in the field are updates on … (6 comments)

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