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Have you ever thought about including photos of local and neighborhood holiday festivities and events when marketing your properties? Many families would like to know if there are local activities taking place during various holidays in the area and neighborhood. Christmas, Labor Day, Thanksgivin...
Before and After photos are a must in the REO business. Why? it insure that the vendor has done the work to your specfications and the seller requirements, it is an added guarantee that the REO bank will reimburse you for the work done, and it also shows as proof if any damages/vandalism is done ...
I’ve been using QuickBooks since its inception back in the 80s. In fact, as I was reorganizing my library of software programs and toys, I sorta drifted back to the beginning of my program collection such as my old versions of SuperCalc 4 and 5, MS Office DOS Version (1988 and 89 Copy), QuickBook...
Color Coding your Files for the Non-Paperless Office. Tip for easy file identification if you are not on a Paperless system. Yellow - Prelist Property -this file will consist mainly of the initial file assignment from the asset management company including,  the initial BPO, photos, occupancy inf...
I've been using QuickBooks for years. I've been with them in the beginning and have still managed to continue my relationship with QuickBooks even though they often have a way of creating round about ways to make the user walk away in disgust. However, QuickBooks has added a feature to its softwa...
It is easy to double or triple pay a utility bill due to most utility companies not having a system that will create an invoice number and an account number on each statement. So what do you do? For those that only list an account number, add a hyphen (-) and the month at the end of the account n...
DocCentral is an easy way for the agent on a limited but and low volumn closings to manage all the listing and closing documents associated with each closing.   Key perks to using DocCentral: 250 MB of Storage Space Allow you to go paperless Customized Checklists You can invite other contacts Mak...


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