seo: REW got Whacked - 01/27/08 03:00 AM
I am a little bit late to the party but it looks like REW has been struck with some sort of Google Penalty. A few people at REW noticed that site was not ranking for some terms that they did well on previously and even lost rankings on their own name. Currently their forum ranks first for the term Real Estate Webmasters but not the main page. Under it are a few blogs discussing the issue of REW losing rankings. Morgan wrote a blog post discussing it here. A couple of other bloggers wrote about it as well but they delve … (7 comments)

seo: How Can Real Estate Sites Fare Better in Search Engines? - 11/28/07 12:10 AM
The most recent post at the piloSEO blog discusses some of the main problems with a lot of Real Estate websites and offers some advice on how they can improve. Like NAR says Real Estate is Local so the local sites should be on the first page for local searches. In too many cases they are not. Instead you see the the SERPs dominated by the likes of Zillow, Trulia,, and the big national brands. Of course there are a few local sites that pop up but IMO there should be more local sites in the top of the SERPs … (11 comments)

seo: Make Sure you are Targeting The Keywords People are Searching For - 11/21/07 12:33 AM
Keyword tools like Wordtracker are great but they are not always up to date and they only use a small percentage of the search data that is available. If you only use tools like Wordtracker, Overture's tool, or other keyword tools you could be missing out on a lot of really great keywords. All of the major search engines provide great keyword data that you can use to develop keyword lists based on what people are actually looking for in these engines. A lot of these keywords as ignored by your competition too so they will be easier to rank for … (4 comments)

seo: Search Engine Question and Answer - 11/13/07 05:41 AM
After spending a lot of time at AR and other real estate forums and blogs I see a lot of questions about SEO and search engine marketing. I see quite a few unique questions but I also see a lot of questions asked over and over again. The problem with AR and other fast moving sites is that a lot of information is buried and that leads to the same questions being asked and answered more than once. What I would like to do is set up this post as a place to ask any Search related questions you have. I … (6 comments)

seo: Let Your Voice Be Heard - 10/12/07 02:55 AM
There has been a bit of chatter about Digg here on Active Rain and I believe it is a great place to share news. The big problem with Digg is that it is very difficult to get those front page stories, especially with real estate related content. Digg is a techno-centric news site and while a few off topic stories get front page status most are either political or silly/funny stories. Real estate content is not a real high priority to most power Diggers and that means real estate stories languish on the back pages. On top of that Digg looks … (8 comments)

seo: War of The (SEO) Worlds - 10/08/07 02:10 AM
The paid link issue has been a hotly contested and discussed topic in SEO forums and blogs for a while now. At SES San Jose the paid link forum took on a life of it's own. There was a lot of back and forth between pro paid link people, Matt Cutts, and others who are not necessarily for paid links but against Google telling webmasters how to run their sites. Like many SEO issues the paid link issue is not one that is black and white.
According to Google it is fine to buy and sell links for advertising purposes just … (6 comments)

seo: How Do Search Engines See Me? - 10/04/07 03:06 AM
Robert Farrelly's Checking Your Search Engine Ranking Post got me thinking about additional ways to monitor your standing in the search engines and how the engines view your site. When I started my career in SEO and SEM the search engines did not provide any useful information short of the standard search operators to check for links and indexed pages and a few others. It was something but not really worth a whole lot. Part of the reason was that the engines were fearful of spammers taking advantage of the feedback they provided and using it to game the engines. While … (62 comments)

seo: Are you Stumbling? - 09/27/07 02:39 AM
Well, are you? One of the great social networking tools that is overlooked (by me as well as many others) is Stumble Upon. I have had this tool on my toolbar for a few years now but have only recently really started looking into how it can help my business. I had primarily used it as a way to find interesting sites and spent a good bit of time just stumbling around without actually contributing. After learning more about I realized that I was barely scratching the surface of it's potential. Sure it can be fun to play around with but … (5 comments)

seo: The Great Directory Smackdown of 2007 - 09/20/07 07:18 AM
Well, it appears that Google has decided to put the smack down on the proliferation of PageRank focused web directories. If you visited the Digital Point forums a week or so ago you could see the beginning of this nuking and slowly but surely it began to spread. Those directories that seemed to pop up every day with the promise of "INCREASING YOUR PAGE RANK" or "MOVING UP IN THE GOOGLE RANKINGS" were starting to lose their own ranking and while they were still indexed they were next to impossible to find unless you typed their URL into the search box. … (5 comments)

seo: I Blame Matt Cutts - 08/14/07 02:47 AM
Seems like there is a new SEO Blog that is starting up, Right now it just has a video of a really creepy stuffed cat talking about SEO and introducing himself as the SEO Pussy. I received a link from my friend Jaan Kanellis and it appears this video is propagating throughout the SEO blogosphere. I will hold my opinion on this video until I see what else this blogger provides in the way of information but it seems to like a pretty decent viral marketing promotion inspired by Matt Cutts and his cats.
The video is super strange and the … (5 comments)

seo: Reciprocal Links: Good or Bad or Both? - 08/13/07 01:21 AM
So, there has been a lot of discussion about reciprocal links and their effectiveness for search engine ranking, especially in the real estate realm. Reciprocal links have been around for a long time. When the web first started to take off people exchanged links with relevant sites, other sites they owned, or simply sites that they liked. This was before it was discovered that engines like Google and Inktomi considered links as part of their ranking algorithm. When this was discovered link exchanges took on a new life. It became a way to gain positions in the SERP instead of just … (5 comments)

seo: Internet Advertising To Exceed All other Ad Media by 2011. - 08/07/07 04:10 AM
I remember when I first started working with Internet Advertising. Everyone assumed I was responsible for sending them spam emails about porn and viagra. The common belief was that Internet advertising was a niche trend that most businesses were not involved. Obviously that has changed quite a bit in the last 10 years or so. Almost every industry is spending more and more money on Internet advertising. According to a post over at Search Engine Land VSS has released a study that forecasts that Internet Advertising will be the dominant advertising medium by 2011.
Many people prefer Internet advertising for many reasons. … (5 comments)

seo: How Worthwhile are Directory Links? - 08/06/07 04:56 AM
A post at SEOMoz discussing directory submission has ignited a bit of a firestorm, especially within the web directory community. Rand discussed how most general directories are losing their authority status and how to find directories that will help deliver link juice. Not only was his testing method disparaged but there were quite a few reactions that were totally visceral and obviously made by directory owners who are concerned about the how their money makers are viewed by other webmasters. Of course, one thing that all of the discussion (both positive and negative) achieved is a ton of free links to … (4 comments)

seo: Morgan Carey at REW Discusses Potential Penalties for AR - 08/02/07 03:56 AM
So I was over at REW and found a recent post by Morgan Carey discussing Active Rain earning a penalty from Google if some changes are not made. At first I was ready to disagree with him but I believe he makes some very good points especially after the recent whacking of Squidoo.
IMO Active Rain is a great place but the fact is there is a huge potential for abuse and I have come across some SPAM issues in the past. A few spammers may not hurt AR's Google Juice but if it becomes overrun with spammers there will be … (5 comments)

seo: Something Strange - 07/30/07 03:13 AM
I am seeing some strange things happening in my analytics program. For the last week or so I have been seeing clicks attributed to my organic traffic coming from what appear to be the Google PPC network. I have seen clicks from Google Syndication sources as well as clicks from Google Adsense MFA type pages that go to my organic traffic stats. Has anyone else been seeing this? I am thinking there are possibly two reasons for this. Either the tracking data that I added to Google campaigns is not being implemented on these sources, Google has suspended the account owner … (2 comments)

seo: Hooray for Active Rain & Natural Inbound Links!!!! - 07/26/07 04:15 AM

Link building is a very time consuming task especially for new sites. The ideal link building scenario is to get natural links from quality sites that find your content useful enough to recommend it to their users. The problem is that people need to find your site to see that great content and link to it. This means that your site needs to be found in the search engines and other relevant places. To get those natural links requires a concerted link building effort and social media participation.
To get listed in search engines you have to have inbound links but to … (4 comments)

seo: Reputation Management: Protecting Your Name - 07/06/07 08:11 AM
By now almost everyone is aware that you can find almost anything on Google including things that you may not want potential clients or employers to see (whether it is true or not). There have been a number of posts discussing reputation management and how negative information on Google can hurt your reputation to potential clients.
One way to combat negative listings is the pre-emptive strike. I was reminded of this by the recent story about Miss New Jersey. It seems that the recent Miss New Jersey winner, Amy Polumbo had a press conference announcing that she is being blackmailed. Apparently someone … (0 comments)

seo: 21 Essential SEO Tips & Techniques: Search Engine Land - 06/28/07 01:22 AM
Matt McGee wrote a follow up to the 20 Don'ts of SEO with 21 Essential Tips for SEO. Again this is great information for those getting ready to start there SEO work. He offers a a lot of good advice those that are new to SEO as well as some advice that will help those with a fair amount of knowledge on the subject. Please visit the Search Engine Land Article to get the full list as it is all important. I have picked up a few items that are very important but many people tend to overlook when starting an … (6 comments)

seo: What the Heck is Link Bait? - 06/27/07 04:35 AM
There seems to be some confusion about what link bait is. Some seem to think of it as a negative or shady way of obtaining readers to your blogs. In reality link bait is a perfectly legitimate way to get visitors and links to your blog or website. It has nothing to do with tricking users to get them to your site. Link bait is simply creating fun, useful, interesting, and sometimes controversial content or tools that compel others to visit and link to your site. The bait is the content or tool and if it is good enough it will … (1 comments)

seo: Vanessa Fox Nude Joins Zillow - 06/15/07 12:34 AM
Now that I have your attention, Vanessa Fox has announced that she is leaving Google and taking over as Product Team lead at Vanessa was the product manager for Google's Webmaster Central. Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Land both have some more information about it.
It will be interesting to see what Vanessa comes up with for Zillow. I attended some of the sessions that she headed at SES conferences and regularly visited her blog, (Don't worry, it is totally G rated). She brought a lot to Google and helped turn Webmaster Central into the great platform that … (5 comments)


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