social media: Search Engine Question and Answer - 11/13/07 05:41 AM
After spending a lot of time at AR and other real estate forums and blogs I see a lot of questions about SEO and search engine marketing. I see quite a few unique questions but I also see a lot of questions asked over and over again. The problem with AR and other fast moving sites is that a lot of information is buried and that leads to the same questions being asked and answered more than once. What I would like to do is set up this post as a place to ask any Search related questions you have. I … (6 comments)

social media: Let Your Voice Be Heard - 10/12/07 02:55 AM
There has been a bit of chatter about Digg here on Active Rain and I believe it is a great place to share news. The big problem with Digg is that it is very difficult to get those front page stories, especially with real estate related content. Digg is a techno-centric news site and while a few off topic stories get front page status most are either political or silly/funny stories. Real estate content is not a real high priority to most power Diggers and that means real estate stories languish on the back pages. On top of that Digg looks … (8 comments)

social media: Are you Stumbling? - 09/27/07 02:39 AM
Well, are you? One of the great social networking tools that is overlooked (by me as well as many others) is Stumble Upon. I have had this tool on my toolbar for a few years now but have only recently really started looking into how it can help my business. I had primarily used it as a way to find interesting sites and spent a good bit of time just stumbling around without actually contributing. After learning more about I realized that I was barely scratching the surface of it's potential. Sure it can be fun to play around with but … (5 comments)

social media: Squidoo Spanked by Google - 07/12/07 02:27 AM
It looks like the infiltration of spammers at Squidoo has caught up with them. I read a post at Search Engine Land discussing Jason Calacanis efforts to out Squidoo as a source for SPAM. It appears that his efforts worked and Squidoo was hit with a penalty. They started to lose rankings and it looks like their lenses are no longer passing any PR. I just received an email from Squidoo discussing this issue and how they are going to combat it. Hopefully that can work the issue out because IMO it is a neat service. Unfortunately the way it worked … (13 comments)


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