forclosure home staging: 1.2 million Foreclosure... STUNNING RESULTS! - 12/21/09 10:30 AM
This home had been vacant for over 3 months and inactive.  When We arrived for the initial appointment, it was 30 degrees outside and 21 degrees inside! The property did not have any power, water or heat.  My pen stopped working and I had to go to my car to warm up the ink and my body.  But during the appointment, the agent had few positive things to say about the property, but the ideas were flowing to make this property DYNAMITE.  Mis-matched woodtones were a standout and so we had to make the woodtones work.  We selected furnishings to make … (30 comments)

forclosure home staging: Black and White and PENDING in 1 month - 08/14/09 07:10 AM
This is another ON STAGE SUCCESS STORY.  This condo was  a small studio in a desireable building.  The majority of the condos in this neighborhood are not staged and are just setting on the market.  Time and time again, properties staged by ON STAGE get eh results agents and homeowners are looking for. In an area full of listings staged and has sold in a condo neighborhood with a lot of competition.  This savvy agent knows the power of staging and never has a listing without it.

forclosure home staging: Classic Cape Cod - 04/22/09 07:11 AM
This Cape Cod is in a desireable SW neighborhood in Portland, Or.  The owners did not want to paint, so we selected furniture and accessories to make the gold on the walls work.  After the furnishings were placed and the job was complete, the agent stopped by and commented on how much having the furnishings in the room "toned down" the room color.  She has used us before and knows the power of staging, but didn't think that the wall color could be tamed.  Here is a before and after of the living room.

forclosure home staging: Biting the hands that feed you. - 04/21/09 05:42 PM
 I recently went to a job and met with a homeowner who was obviously stressed and unhappy.  His wife was halfway across the country and he was left behind to pack up the remaining furniture that would fit into one single moving truck.  It would not all fit, so many things would be left behind.  Now, the remaining items were not the most up to date, and would have a negative effect on showings. I sensed frustration and a bit of anger from him.  His agent told him that the property would need to be staged.  He met with two previous stagers before … (5 comments)

forclosure home staging: Credit Card Caution - 04/09/09 05:29 PM
With CC lenders pulling back on limits, be carreful on billing clients whose cards you have.  Do not rely on the fact that you have their CC number, they might no longer have the limit and you might be stuck. 

forclosure home staging: Thinking outside of the "Fireplace Box" - 04/09/09 10:38 AM
This is a great solution we have used on quite a few ocacasions.  This fills an empty fireplace in an un-conventional way.  We always get positive comments on this.

forclosure home staging: My first blog! - 03/25/09 09:32 AM
This is my very first blog and I am happy to be here! On Stage, located in Portland, Oregon opened the doors in the spring of 2005.   Over the years, we have grown to offer our clients the largest selection and variety of décor and furnishings in the Metro -area, with the quickest turn-around time for installation.
Our design, installation and support team of 7 will assist you in getting your home market-ready. With combined design experience of over 25 years,  our designers each bring different talents that range from: movie set decorating, visual merchandising, floor- set layout and interior design knowledge.
Tune in later … (0 comments)


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