outreach property solutions: Why I started this business and Who it helps : Outreach Property Solutions - 08/28/07 01:27 AM
     I want to be sure to write this blog for many reasons. For one if someone looks up my company they will hopefully see this blog and understand my full intention. I have been in this industry for 5 years now. I started as an appraiser and went into lending. Over the last year of two I started to notice something very serious.  Lots of people who really needed  a home did not understand what it took to qualify, and the people who could qualify were taking rates that were so high, or did not understand the mortgages they received.(adjustable, … (2 comments)

outreach property solutions: I am noticing a lot more lease purchases in the Realtor World - 08/28/07 12:47 AM
     As I look for owners who need to sell desperately, I am also noticing these owners are giving their realtors options to either sell their home or lease purchase it.  With a background in lending, I may not know a lot about realtors and how they work, but I always thought the rule was sell the house get a commission. How do you all make money if the home is a lease purchase?  The reason I ask is because only 20% of people actually purchase the home in this scenario. So do you all get a portion of the option … (3 comments)

outreach property solutions: Well school is in session for most us and coming soon for the rest.... - 08/14/07 05:29 PM
Well school is in session. Ring Ring Ring. The kids are back in their routines, and like most parents in this industry we have a taxi sign on the top of our vehicles.  I often have conversations with other real estate professionals about this juggling act we must do . And not so well all the time I might add.  I have realtor friend who took her kids to a water park and stayed on her cell phone most of the time. Imagine that.... bathing suits and water and your cell phone ringing off the hook. That is not a good look, … (2 comments)

outreach property solutions: Have an idea..........more ways to market homes......very creative - 08/12/07 06:16 PM
Now I am not sure if anyone else has thought of this, but seems to be a fun an innovative way to market. With youtube.com being one of the most popular websites right now, wouldn't that be an awesome way to put your property out there. I mean from your prospective. To show off all the the things that are hard to take a picture of or put into words. I am going to experiment with this on my current property. I will keep you all  posted on what happens and the feed back that I recieve. You could be very … (2 comments)

outreach property solutions: What is the overall view of Lease Purchases in the Market today? - 08/12/07 05:33 PM
This vision of lease purchasing has been ongoing for a few years now, for us as a company. Lately as we advertise we see many realtors going down this path as well. Is this the niche for the next few years because of the the increasing inventory. Or is this the aftermath of subprime meltdown?
What ever the reason, everyone is doing it. Are they doing it with integrity? This is my question. Are they actually helping the homeowner and the buyer by linking the two. It definitely is becoming a trend eveh Freddie Mac is creating a market for this.  Article … (3 comments)

outreach property solutions: Interesting market we are having? huh - 08/12/07 05:12 PM
As the owner of OPS, I have seen a lot in this crazy industry called "real estate." I have been behind the property values of real estate REAL ESTATE APPRAISER. I have helped people achieve financing for their dream homes MORTGAGE SPECIALIST. I have researched documents and history of real estate REAL ESTATE INVESTOR.
I have done all these things to get experience and knowledge to be able to do exactly what we do here at OPS. Help people get into the home of their dreams, or at least their first home. We do very different from most people on this site. We … (0 comments)


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