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Among other provisions that control nearly every aspect of our lives, the Waxman-Markley energy bill has a requirement that forces the entire United States to use a National Building Code similar the green building standards of California. Regardless of whether your house is in Miami, Florida or ...
The price of housing was just increased by Congress Last night, while millions of Americans slept and dreamed about Michael Jackson's death, the House of (non) Representatives passed the Cap and Trade bill. The most egregious part of the bill is that fully 85% of the tax revenues raised by it are...
Ever had a showing where the buyers brought their children along?  Of course you did and I'll bet that some of the showings were a disaster and some were funny. Our favorite story was when my wife was showing 5 houses to a young couple with a small girl.  The husband was a structural engineer and...
Our board switched over to electronic lock boxes quite some time ago. There are two types of keys. One is a small keypad which the agent carries separately and the other is composed of software for certain models of cellphones. Both versions use an infrared to beam the unlocking codes to the lock...
Steps to buying a home by Sally & Eric Martell Copyright (c) 2009 Eric Martell PA Orlando Information Step 1 - Decide that you're ready to Buy If you're not going to live in a location for 3 or more years, it usually doesn't make any sense to buy. You're better off renting. On the other hand, if ...

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