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What effect does the second mortgage or heloc have on a bank's exposure to the mortgage mess?  So far, most banks are reporting that less than 5% of their second lien home loans are late.  But, how can that be?  By September 2009, 14.4% of all mortgages outstanding were either delinquent or in fo...
If you haven't got a smart phone, then this post will be of no interest to you, however, if you do and you've already installed a 2-d Quick Response code reader app on your phone, then here's one of our listing videos: To get a free QR-code reader, simply download the BeeTagg QR-code reader at ht...
Great post on "Why Banks gave loans to borrowers they knew couldn't pay."
The new home sales numbers just released show a somewhat brighter picture for builders and related sectors such as appliance makers and lumber.  The new home sales numbers rose 6.6% and are now hovering at an annual rate of 307,000 new homes sold.  The down side of the report showed that the majo...
Want to know more about the foreclosure situation? Kudos to you, if you're an agent! I'm think that knowing about critical issues that impact home sales is an important part of the professionalism that the public expects from Realtors.  And, Kudos to you, if you're not an agent! You still owe it ...
According to NAR, reported September existing home sales were 4.53 million units which was 10% higher than the last month revised rate of 4.12 million units.  Countering this good news, the bad news for home owners is that the median price dropped 3.3% to $171,700 and the average price moved down...
The smell of this scandal just keeps on getting worse and worse.  Here are a series of links from ZeroHedge which connect to posts detailing some of the mess.  Have fun reading. Most of these articles detail how the investors in Mortgage Backed Securities were set up to loose huge sums from the g...
Housing starts unexpectedly moved up in September.  Starts jumped 10.5% in August and continued on that trend by moving from 598,000 to 610,000 in September.  This is above the expected forecast and is also up 4.1% as compared to last year's numbers.  The main component of this rise was a 4.4% ga...
This needs to go viral. Please help by forwarding to everyone you know. We all must demand quick action in order to forestall a major financial melt-down. Our government is resisting trying to solve this problem. The current mortgage mess has the potential to take our banking system down totally ...

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