nigeria: Today; 4/29/15 - 04/29/15 01:15 AM
High 67  Low 53  Showers "Oh, how easy it must be to be goodwhen one has the power of doing good!"- Susan Edmonstone Ferrier ... Al says - New Definition:               Bernadette - The act of torching a mortgage... Saudi Arabia - On Tuesday announced the arrest of 93 suspects -                        with ties to the Islamic State group who it says were -                        planning  attacks on the U.S. Embassy and foreigner's -                        residential compounds... Malduguri, Nigeria - Nigerian troops rescued nearly 300 girls -                                 and women during an offensive Tuesday -                                 against Boko Haram militants... Margie says - He who hesitates... -                       is probably right. ... Gorka, Nepal … (0 comments)

nigeria: Today; 3/17/15 - 03/17/15 01:12 AM
High 82  Low 52 Mostly Sunny   "If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." - Henry David Thoreau...   Al says - Medical secretary entry:               "The patient has no previous history of suicide"...   Cyclone Pam - Packing winds as high as 168 mph hit the -                         South Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu early -                         Saturday killing 24 and displacing 3,300...   Nigerian - troops ousted Boko Haram terrorists from Bama...   Leroy says - Perks of … (0 comments)

nigeria: Today; 3/4/15 - 03/03/15 11:24 PM
High 76  Low 59  Mostly Cloudy   "The first thing I do in the morning is to make my bed and while I am making up my bed I am making up my mind as to what kind of a day I am going to have." - Robert Frost ...   Al says - I don't trip over things,       I do random gravity checks!...   Washington - Prime Minister Netanyahu stood before Congress -                       Tuesday and bluntly warned the U.S. that an -                       emerging nuclear agreement with Iran -                       "paves Iran's path to the bomb"...   Nigeria - … (2 comments)

nigeria: Today; 7/8/14 - 07/07/14 10:56 PM
High 94  Low 74  Partly Sunny   "Good, the more Communicated, more abundant grows." - John Milton...   Al says - If your saliva cannot dissolve something, -                you cannot taste it. ...   Donetsk, Ukraine - Three bridges leading to the city -                                were blown up Monday...   Maiduguri, Nigeria - More than 60 girls and women abducted -                                  two weeks ago by Islamic extremists managed -                                  to escape, officials said Monday...   Looking through the Milkglass - Actual Employee Evaluation:                                                    "I would not allow this                                                      employee to breed." ...   Typhoon Neoguri - Churned … (0 comments)

nigeria: Today; 5/27/14 - 05/26/14 10:40 PM
High 87  Low 67  Chance of Storms   "I think luck is the sense to recognize an opportunity and the ability to take advantage of it....The man who can smile at his breaks and grab his chances gets on." - Samuel Goldwyn...   Al says - The colder the room you sleep in, -               the higher the chances are that  -               you'll have a bad dream. ...   Nigeria's - Military has located the nearly 300 abducted girls...   Hurricane Amanda - In the Pacific south of Baja, Ca. -                                  not a threat to land...   Ukraine - Exit … (0 comments)

nigeria: Today; 2/26/14 - 02/26/14 12:38 AM
High 56  Low 34  Showers   "Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts." - Arnold Bennett...   Al says - Q. If you throw a red stone into the blue sea -                     what will it become?                     ...   GM Recall - 2003 to 2007 because of ignition switch issues...   Couple Struck Gold! - A northern California couple out walking -                                    their dog on their property stumbled across -                                    $10M in rare mint-condition Gold Coins ...   Pat says - Real Ad:                  Stock up and save!                  Limit: one...   Sevastopol, … (0 comments)

nigeria: Today; 5/15/13 - 05/15/13 02:04 AM
High 86  Low 63  Clear   "I have long believed that sacrifice is the pinnacle of patriotism." - Bob Riley   Al says - Selfish: -                What the owner of a seafood store does...   Moscow - U.S. Diplomat, Ryan Fogle, caught trying to recruit -                 a Russian counterintelligence officer, according to -                 the FSB...   USS George H.W. Bush - Launched the first unmanned drone from -                                           an aircraft carrier Tuesday...   Pat says - Why was the fish afraid of the computer? -                  ...   Nigeria - President Goodluck Jonathan declared a State - … (0 comments)

nigeria: Today; 6/9/2010 - 06/09/10 03:33 AM
High 89  Low 70  Partly Sunny
"Perfection does not exist. To understand this is the
triumph of human intelligence; to expect to possess
it is the most dangerous kind of madness." - Alfred de Musset
Boeing Jobs - -
                     and scroll down to "Req. #10-1008067" ...
Al says - Economic Indicator:
              ‘Motel Six' -
              won't leave the light on anymore...
SC Runoff Elections - June 22nd -
                                  Haley vs. Barrett -
                                  Scott vs. Thurmond...
Outpatient Centers - a new federal study found many -
                                same-day surgery centers to have … (0 comments)

nigeria: Today; 3/9/2010 - 03/09/10 01:15 AM
High 73  Low 49  Sun and Clouds
"Optimism is essential to achievement and is also
the foundation of courage and of true progress." - Nicholas Murray Butler
Hammon, OK - rare winter tornado -
                      damaged 5 homes...
Al says - An old farmer's advice:
              If you find yourself in a hole, the -
              first thing to do is to stop diggin' ...
San Diego - Runaway Toyota Prius hit 90 mph -
                   before the could stop it...
Alligator Nips Walker - at Cypress Gardens near Moncks Corner -
                                    the woman's injuries … (0 comments)

nigeria: Today; 3/8/2010 - 03/08/10 02:29 AM
High 70 Low 40  Sunny
"The wisdom of all ages and cultures emphasizes
the tremendous power of our thoughts have
over our character and circumstances." - Liane Cordes - Best picture ‘The Hurt Locker'...
Al says - Follow your dreams! -
              Except that one where -
              you're naked in church...
Turkey - hit by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake ...
Haiti - U.S. troops coming home...
Pat says - "Youth would be an ideal state if
                 it came a little later in life." - Herbert Henry Asquith
Nigeria - Rioters slaughter … (0 comments)

nigeria: Today; 2/19/2010 - 02/19/10 01:27 AM
High 58  Low 34 Mostly Sunny
"The power of a man's virtue should not be measured
by his special efforts, but by his ordinary doing." - Blaise Pascal
Olympics - Evan Lysacek won the Gold in -
                 men's figure skating. The U.S. -
                 leads with 18 medals...
Al says - Golfers:
              It's not a gimme if you're still away...
Pennsylvania - Harriton High School is being sued for -
                      sending laptops home with students with -
                      webcams and allegedly watching them...
Niamey, Niger - Renegade soldiers claimed on -
                         state … (1 comments)

nigeria: Today; 02/01/2010 - 02/01/10 02:05 AM
High 57  Low 44  Warmer
"Your success depends mainly upon what you think
of yourself and whether you believe in yourself." - William Boetcker
Football - AFC 41  NFC 34 ...
Al says - No matter how bad you are playing, -
              it is always possible to play worse...
Washington - President Obama's proposed budget -
                    predicts the national deficit will crest at -
Yenogoa, Nigeria - Royal Dutch Shell PLC said gunmen had -
                             attacked and damaged one of its pipelines...
Pat says - What hair color do they … (0 comments)

nigeria: Today; 01/19/2010 - 01/19/10 01:25 AM
High 66  Low 44  Mostly Sunny
"The significance of a man is not what he
attains but in what he longs to attain." - Kahlil Gibran
Los Angeles, CA - torrential rain and winds -
                           requiring evacuations because of -
                           the threat of mudslides...  
Al says - An Old Farmer's Advice:
             Every path has a few puddles...
Massachusetts - Martha Coakley (D) and Scott Brown (R) -
                        campaigning down to the wire for the Senate -
                        seat left vacant when Ted Kennedy died...
Nigeria - religious riots between Muslims and … (0 comments)

nigeria: Today; 9/15/2008 - 09/15/08 02:19 AM
High 93 Low 72 Partly Sunny, Hot
"No man that does not see visions will ever realize
any high hope or undertake any high enterprise." - Woodrow Wilson
Counterfeit Prescription Drugs - a Global problem -
                                                  avoid street corner and -
                                                  internet purchases but -
                                                  pharmacies have been victims too...
Al says - Why is ‘abbreviated' such a long word?
Bank of America - has agreed to buy ‘Merrill Lynch'...
Los Angeles - last Friday a Metrolink Commuter Train -
                     collided with a freight locomotive...
Annette says - A good time … (1 comments)

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