I had a great call today!  A house I sold to my buyer last year just appraised for $60K more than what they paid when they bought it!
I received this wonderful call from my favorite banker who told me, "here's a great marketing opportunity for you!"  Turns out I have been doing a good job for my buyers (who knew?!).  They are receiving appraisals both on the initial purchase, and subsequent refinancing, in excess of the price negotiated for their homes.
I must admit: I don't often check in with my buyers post-closing to see if … (0 comments)

buyer agency: Is it an Open House, or a Job Interview? - 11/17/10 02:04 AM
It is pretty typical to meet buyers at open houses, but I wonder how many agents realize that these encounters are really job interviews? 
Next week my buyers will close on their new home, and I think their story is worth telling.
I met my buyers at an open house back in February.  I could tell by their questions they were serious and qualified buyers.  I stayed in touch with them, but not aggressively.  What I didn't know was they were making a list of potential buyer agents from their open house interviews. Pretty smart!
In September, when they were ready … (23 comments)

buyer agency: There is No Perfect House! - 07/13/10 07:40 AM
Here is a revelation...there is no perfect house!  It wouldn't matter if you were the architect, builder, and interior the end of the day there would be something you would change.
House-hunting can be fun, but it can turn frustrating if you expect to find the perfect house.  Here's how you can increase your odds of success:
•1.       List Your Must-Have's - if you collect classic cars, you are going to require garage space.  Know which items are truly deal-breakers, and which items are just "nice to have".
•2.      Give Feedback - your realtor can help you much more effectively … (0 comments)

buyer agency: How Much Are You Willing to Invest in a Potential Client? - 05/19/10 01:17 PM
Ok, this one is just for us! A continuation of my blog "The Sell-Before-You-Buy Dilemma"...
The question: how much time are you willing to invest in a potential client without a contract?
Here is my dilemma: I want them to list but I must convince them they will find something they want to buy.  How shall I accomplish this?
I decide to make an investment in these future sellers-come-buyers.  I decide I will take them around and show them a sampling of the inventory.  I hope they will find the process reassuring enough to encourage a listing of their home.
I take … (6 comments)

buyer agency: A Story of Buyer Agency... - 04/12/10 02:28 AM

What I love about the real estate 2 days are ever alike!  This blog is about the difficulties my buyer-client encountered and how I helped solve them.
The buyer chose to purchase an investor-owned condominium.  The investor bought the property out of foreclosure, did a carpet change and repaint, and quickly put it back on the market.  It was a good fit for my people, and a contract was executed. 
The unit had radiant electric heaters in 5 rooms.  A condition of the offer was that these be re-painted since they had turned brown.  I cautioned the buyer that … (9 comments)


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