Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Wendy Johnson. Wendy is the Top Plurker (by Karma which is Plurks popularity metric) and has been for quite some time. Prior to this interview I did not know much about Wendy nor did I understand how and why Plurk and knitting worked so well together...
  SEO Weekend #4   One of the most important elements of search engine optimization is link building. I have spent hundreds of hours building quality links for my personal websites and the websites of my clients. When building link be aware of the link building fallacies. This week I want to focu...
  Plurktionary     I found a really useful little website that is full of Plurk goodies called Plurktionary. Plurktionary is a collection of tips, tools, and other resources designed to enhance your experience on Plurk. I have already picked up a few tricks which is key to maximizing any social m...
        There is a new top level domain .me.  Here is another chance to get your name or personal brand in a domain. If you missed out on prior opportunities to get your name in a domain now is your chance.   A website like a .name or .me can be used for a number of purposes. One idea I really li...
  Plurk is Getting Hotter     Far too often a hot new website gets launched only to fizzle shortly thereafter. This has been the case for many Internet startups with big ambitions that didn’t deliver the goods. Plurk will buck the trend and is here to stay because it delivers. If you read my “Plu...
  SEO Weekend #3 I am really excited about SEO Weekend #3. Analytics is one of the most important tools we have to understand our users and how they find us. At the time we are building our website we draw on our knowledge and experience to create what we think our target audience wants. There ha...
        I view my web properties like a valuable portfolio the same way I think of my investment portfolio. Research, planning, discipline, execution, and analysis are the same activities needed to succeed. I think the analogy makes sense for a number of reasons. First of all, your web properties...
    I have noticed a growing trend of adding “stuff” the ActiveRain blog sidebar. The tools, widgets, and banners we add to our blogs should add value to our blogs. It doesn’t matter if it is to promote outside activity, track visitors, or any other purpose for that matter. What we must avoid is ...
It amazes me how my email inbox has grown over the years, on any given day I can have hundreds of unread emails. That is a large amount of material to sift through and determine what is important, what can wait, and what is garbage and spam. Oh, and don’t forget to check your spam box also for t...
        I am a firm believer in a balanced marketing approach. Allocate the largest time to the activities that have been proven to achieve the best results. A smaller percentage of your time should be spent on exploring new websites and social networking. Even if it is only 10 minutes a day soci...

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