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Speechless Sunday - What's Missing? Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  It is a day set aside to honor those military veterans who fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy.  Wouldn't it be great if, no matter where we are at tomorrow, everyone took a few moments to honor those brave men and women who se...
Good old Microsoft.  They've been a part of the world of computers almost since the beginning.  And I have been a rabid fan and most of us have. In the early days, there was only Microsoft to pick from.  Oh sure, there were those funny Apple computers, but everybody knew Apple wasn't go...
Greg Rand.  Maybe you know the name. Apparently, he's a pretty sharp cookie.  According to his bio at, he is a a 20-year real estate expert and Managing Partner at Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty. Further, he refers to himself as "a foremost authority on housing patterns and...
They Didn't Tell Me About the Bras in Real Estate School! I was showing a house to a nice couple the other day when we opened up the laundry room door.  Sure enough, it happened again!  Three bras were hanging on the laundry bar!  AAAAHHHHHHHH!  They Didn't Tell Me About the Bras in Real Estate S...
According the news this morning, New York may be allowing the building of a mosque in New York near the ground zero site. I sit in wonder at this thought.  Why?  Why would they alllow this?  The only reason I can figure is because they want to show the world that America is not a country of discr...
Let me begin this blog by stating clearly and up front:  I HATE GREATLY DISLIKE GOING TO THE DENTIST It's all my fault.  When I was a kid I had a massive sweet tooth.  I could eat candy like it was food and often would go to bed munching on Life Savors or some other such treat.  Consequently, (as...
Bells Amusement Park in Tulsa Oklahoma was a wonderful memory to so many of us who grew up going there. However, the park doesn't exist any longer.  After their lease with Tulsa county expired in 2006, it was not renewed.  The county said it was due to "nonviable business plans."  Today the forme...
Hey Bob, Where's My New Water Company Located? Here in Owasso, Oklahoma, this is a question I am often asked after or during the process of closing on a house.  Now, this may sound like an odd question to you, but here in the Owasso area it is pretty common.  This is because Owasso and Collinsvi...
Several weeks ago I wrote a blog asking how we Realtors allowed ourselves to become the target market for those who were trying to sell advertising space back to us alongside our own listings.  Many people who commented suggested that we figure out a solution.  So I've been thinking about that.  ...
I pulled up to one of our local restaurants this past week for a networking group planning meeting.  When I got out of my car, this is what I saw.  Somebody had poured out their drink onto the pavement leaving behind their lemon wedge.  And somehow or other, a tooth floss pick ended up on the gr...

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