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Readers, If you've ever run across Zillow, you'll want to be sure to read this!I Am A Local Real Estate Expert - Zillow is Not Whether you are thinking of buying a home or possibly selling your home you more than likely have stumbled upon Zillow and thought you hit the mother-load of real estate ...
Ah, the Open House Merry-Go-Round.  Do I do them?  Do I don't?  Do I do them?  Do I don't?  And round and round the debate goes.  And the ride never seems to stop.  "Yes, they're great."  "No.  They don't sell houses."  "Yes, I pick up buyers."  "No. They are waste of my time." No doubt, you fall...
Winter, spring, summer or fall,all you got to do is calland I'll be there yeah yeah yeah.Ain´t it good to knowthat you´ve got a friendpeople can be so coldthey'll hurt you and desert youwell they'll take your soul if you let themoh yeah don't you let them.James Taylor   If you've been in Real Es...
Behold the Home Warranty!  Like Superman, it comes rushing in when the hot water blows up or the Air Conditioner is no longer air conditioning.  And although small in cost, it delivers big in savings.  Well...maybe. The home warranty business was unknown to me prior to entering Real Estate way ba...
Today we continue in our series about networking groups.  We began with WHY you should a networking group and then talked about HOW to setup a networking group. I want to wrap up our series with what will make your Networking group unlike any other.  The first element is what we call our "Owasso ...
Sometimes I get a bit put out over some of the rules and regulations in Real Estate.  For example, I can't use the term "Realtor" in my website name.  And I have to put the little trademark icon after the word Realtor when I use it in marketing.  And all the redundant paperwork is nutso too.  It ...
Don't Tell Me TV Advertising Doesn't Work and here's the reason why.  I know two people who, because of an ad they saw on TV, made a phone call and put certain things into motion in their lives. The first gentleman is a friend of mine.  He has mesothelioma.  This is a cancer, usually of the lungs...
Yesterday I wrote about why you should join a Networking Group.  Many people asked what they should do if there isn't a networking group in their area or if the networking group(s) have no openings.  In either of those cases I recommend starting your own networking group! And how do you do that? ...
I mentioned in a blog the other day that I was establishing a new networking group.  This is because I want to be proactive in setting myself up in the best possible situation I can for the coming slower winter months.  This is also because I've experienced the benefits of a networking group that...
In the wild west, Cowboys would often come to town to sit on something other than a horse and enjoy a long cool drink. I found this Cowboy Watering Hole yesterday while showing property in the Talalah area (pronounced Tah LA LAW) to a client.  This is actually the front covered porch of a very co...

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